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3 NBA teams are not invited to Disney in line to make a jump next season.


It is only a matter of time before the NBA 2019-20 campaign is resumed, as the new format was approved by the National Basketball Association last week.

But here’s the problem: The rest of the season and the playoffs will be held at Disney World in Orlando, and of the 30 NBA teams, only 22 will participate.

It’s easy to calculate: This means that eight clubs have not been invited, and these eight teams are the ones who have virtually no chance of qualifying.

However, some of these teams have reason to be optimistic for the years 2020-21.

Here are three of the NBA clubs that have not received an invitation to Disneyland and could be present next season.

3. Atlanta Hawks

Some people expected the Hawks to make a small leap this year, but instead they were pretty awful. But make no mistake: The talents are numerous.

Of course, Atlanta is run by a young sniper, Tray Young, who made his breakthrough in second grade. But it’s not just Yang.

The Hawks also have young people like John Collins, De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish, and we know Kevin Hunter can vote from afar.

Atlanta also helped strengthen the frontline defense by closing the Clint Capela deal, which was reached shortly before the deadline.

Clint Chapel, Hawks.

Don’t get me wrong: The Hawks still have a long way to go before they can compete legally. Even with the inclusion of Kapela, the team is still pretty bad in defense, and the jury has clearly dropped most of the club’s young talent.

It doesn’t really matter that free agents don’t come to Atlanta.

At the same time, the Hawks have one of the most enviable young cores in the NBA, so it may take some experience to finally crush them.

2. Chicago bulls

Like the Hawks, many thought the Bulls would do much better this season and could even claim a spot in the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference.

It is clear that this has not been the case.

Laurie Markkkanen took a big step back, Wendell Carter Jr. was defeated again, and although Zack Avalanche had a pretty good lead, he clearly had problems with Jim Boylan.

Boylan could be the biggest problem with this bull team at the moment, because the players don’t seem to like him very much. Moreover, his decision was questionable to say the least.

Jim Boylan, the police.

The recent regime change in Chicago could finally mean the end for Boylan, who may even more than when the GarPax era was put on hold will please the dying fans.

Assuming Otto Porter Jr. will use his option for next season (given that in that case, he’ll make $28.5 million, it’s hard to imagine giving up), Chicago won’t be able to contribute much to his team in this off-season.

But that doesn’t mean the bulls won’t get better.

There is reason to continue believing in Markkanen, who has shown great skill in the first two seasons. LaVine has become a legitimately good player (at least offensive), Carter is a potentially defensive anchor, and Kobe White scored a goal just before the end of the season.

Keep an eye on Chicago to take steps to improve next season’s NBA.

1. Golden State Warriors

The fact that the Warriors could come first in the overall NBA rankings for 2020 is only a cruel thought for the rest of the NBA membership.

Yes, Golden State was one of the worst teams in the league this season, but that’s because Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson were injured.

Let’s not forget that the trio of Curry, Thompson and Draimond Green won the title in 2015 and walked away with 73 victories in 2016, so these three guys seem to get along well.

Krieger, Stephen Curry, Raymond Green, Clay Thompson.

It is fair to say that the former Dubov teams also had role players like Andre Iguodala and Sean Livingston, so the 2020 Warriors will probably not be as good as these iterations of 2015 or 2016, especially since the core of the star is aging.

However, when the Gold State brings in the first three players, the franchise can either take a possible stallion or exchange it for another star player as part of the package. (Maybe the Debs can tie Andrew Wiggins’ contract to the election).

However, if Curry and Thompson return in good health next season, the Debs will make a big jump in record time. Are they going to fight for the NBA Championship from the start? Of course, it depends on what else the club does in this off-season, because the two Los Angeles teams are not going anywhere and the rest of the Western conference is no joke.

But for your part, it would be a missed opportunity to get rid of the Warriors, especially in view of the fireworks they could organize in the coming months.

The Lakers, DeMarcus' cousins...

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