A Board Game to teach the importance of waste segregation to kids! – Primex News Network

A Board Game to teach the importance of waste segregation to kids! – Primex News Network

April 8: On 16-March-2022, Luma World, launched a Board Game called ‘Lord of the Bins’ which is aimed at teaching children and families to learn about waste segregation and circular economies.

Extreme climatic conditions coupled with record temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic recently has made it evident that we are on the brink of a global environmental disaster! Apart from various immediate actions we need to take, one way to tackle the situation at an individual level is by moving towards circular economies. The game, Lord of the Bins, is linked with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and helps each one of us understand how to adopt a circular economy approach.

The goal behind the game is to help people engage with a rather neglected topic like waste management and understand what actions they can take immediately to contribute to a better environment and society.

“We want the game (at a global level) to act as the first step to learn how to segregate trash and then participate in community efforts. We have also tied-up with various NGOs to aid their effort in educating people about waste segregation and management.” says Tejasvi, CEO at Luma World.

Sajid Chougle, creative director at Luma World, adds, “The global waste problem is probably the only man-made disaster where every person on the planet is personally guilty. We buy new things and throw them away without thinking where they end up. Before we know it, it’s caused a massive environmental collapse which threatens our lives and that of our kids.”

Both the co-founders are clear that they want to inspire the next generation of innovators and thinkers to act smartly and responsibly. ‘Everyone is thinking of solutions to solve this problem, which is great. Our contribution must go beyond to ensure we never create this problem again. Our children must be wiser than we were!, concludes Tejasvi.

Some of the features of the Lord of the Bins game include,

  • Get to learn about different types of waste
  • Get to learn about waste segregation and sorting
  • Social learning about caring for the environment and community
  • Strategy and Decision making
  • Future planning and critical thinking
  • Understanding risk and reward
  • Counting and basic addition
  • Circular economy approach
  • Understanding of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal numbers 11 and 12

Luma World, the publisher of the game, is a STEM accredited experience design company that focuses on early learning and skill development through game-based innovations. They are the winners of National Startup Awards 2021 under the Toys as learning resources category as well as Best Math Game award at the Imagination Gaming Awards (United Kingdom) in 2021 for their board game Xing. They are also a United Nations Global Compact partner, which is the largest corporate sustainable initiative in the world.