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Anime crossovers that need to be done

Anime crossings between series are not common in the area, because most series tend to do their own things without visiting the individual universes, and although some of them have been in the past, we know of a number of series that we would like to cut through in the future. From Shonen series like Dragon Ball, One Piece and Demon Slayer to popular anime franchises that make their own trailers shine like Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion, there are just too many episodes to franchise!

Which animated series would you like to see in a crossover next Wednesday? What do you think of our choice of transitions? Feel free to tell us in the comments or directly on Twitter @EVComedy something comic, anime and cross-over wishes!

Drakenbal and a game (again)

(Photo: Toia animation)

So the fighters of Goku and Z really met the pirates in straw hats in a crossover that took place in a special animated film called Dream 9, in which the worlds of Dragon Ball and One Piece already crossed in 2013. However, a lot has changed since the original look of this crossover, and we’d like to see the Swashbucklers make their way through Vano land and the Z-fighters now live under the gods in Dragon Ball Super!

Star and Trinities Law.

(Photo: Sunrise and Madhouse)

Outlaw Star and Trigun are two anime franchises that are easy to follow once they have become classics, and are best known for their launch on Toonami by Cartoon Network, so why not let everyone come back with a crossover? An outlaw of the crew of the speedboat would be a good challenge for your stamp to escape from

The fantastic adventure of JoJo and the fantastic adventure of JoJo

(Photo: Namko Bandai)

Yes, there was a certain coincidence when it came to supporting the secondary characters of each season of Bizarre Adventure JoJo, with Jotaro Cujo appearing in different seasons for example, but we want more! We want an anime version of Jojo’s titanic crossover adventure: Eyes of Heaven, a video game that has brought together almost all Jostar players in the entire series. How would JoJo react like Giorno to meet his father Dio? How would old Jonathan react if he met his younger brother from Battle Tenderness? So many other questions could find an answer in a great crossroads of all generations!

Demolishers and bleaches

(Photo: info board and Studio Pierrot)

Tangier and Ichigo have a lot in common: they both fight against supernatural creatures and are at the height of their popularity. Now that the Demon Slayer is nearing her end and the Wittenaar wants to be born again in the future, there is no better moment than now to meet each other and see which sword will be at the head when the Demon Slayer fights against the Soul Society.

Naruto and my Heroic Academy

(Photo: Studio Bones and Studio Pierrot)

A school full of ninjas versus a school full of superheroes? Sounds like a heavenly game. Although we’re not sure if Naruto or his son Boruto should participate in the Crossover, a field against Midoriya and the rest of the 1-A classes, we’re sure it’ll be a great meeting of franchises as they enter each other’s universe!

Heroic Shield and Saber Art Rise in line

(Photo: Citrus Cinema & A-1 photos)

Although The Rising Of The Shield Hero is not exactly set in the digital world, there are of course several identical aesthetic elements of Sword Art Online, and the protagonists of Kirito and Naofumi may be very different from each other, but if they met, the story would be very interesting!

Gundam mobile combination and the gospel of the origin of neon

(Photo: Gainax & Sunrise)

We are shocked that this has not happened yet, because just last year the pilots of the Neon Genesis Gospel were faced with a new interpretation of Shin Godzilla at Universal Studios’ Summer of Cool event in Japan. In these two series of furs, which tell some fairy tales about an alternative reality, we could see Shinji Ikari Gundama and Amuro controlling his own Eve troop!

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