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Batman Fans Think Giancarlo Esposito Is the Perfect Mr. Freeze

The idea of Giancarlo Esposito, Batman’s archenemy, Mr. Freeze to play gains momentum online after a recent tweet about casting a fan on social networks went viral. Esposito is known for his skillful game of cunning villains on Break-Back and Mandalorian, and he certainly has what it takes to defeat the evil super villain who is Mr. Freeze. A fan also noticed physical similarities and tweeted two pictures of Esposito next to Freeze. I have a great idea that’s been nagging me all day… …written in a legend. You can see it below.

I have a great idea that’s been nagging me all day… pic.twitter.com/kDabN6A3Pl

– nothing special (@nab1803) 3. May 2020.

Most Esposito fans are in favour of this idea, many of them will only be sold immediately after the pictures. Some people say that this is the ideal choice for casting and already wish with the original poster that this potential casting really took place. A man even tweeted a picture of Esposito in Mr. Freeze. On the other hand, others offer Mr. Friesland the casting of their choice, including names such as Patrick Stewart and Sterling C. Bruin. However, it’s Esposito’s concept of being a cold-blooded villain that seems most attractive to the fans at the moment.

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Esposito is best known for his role as manager of a chicken restaurant that sells methamphetamine, Gus Fring in the hit series AMC Breaking Bad, the role he continues to play in the pre-series Best Bell to Saul. He also plays a key role in the Mandalorian series of Disney Plus as Moffa Gideon. While we have chosen Esposito as Batman’s villain, Mr. Freeze can see or not, fans of the actor can test him by playing another DC super villain at the same time. The actor nominated by Emmy plays Lex Luthor in the new animated series Harley Queen of the DS universe, and as in his other roles, he does a fantastic job.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Batman with George Clooney in the movie Batman and Robin from 1997. If you concentrate on the puns, the picture is not as bleak as in the other versions of Mr Gerard. Freeze, which we’ve seen in comic strip and animation projects. The super villain has not been seen on the big screen since then and there is no indication that he is currently appearing in Batman with Robert Pattinson or any other movie in Washington. He is still involved in several animation projects and played the role of Nathan Darrow in the Gotham series about Fox’s predecessor.

Some fans tweet Matt Reeves to warn him of possible casting decisions, but it seems unlikely that Mr. Reeves will be shown in The Batman, as most of his main characters are already known. However, there is still a chance that Warner Bros. will try to repeat the success of The Joker with more independent films about Batman’s famous villains, and it seems that Mr. Freeze’s film starring Esposito could actually be something special. An original tweet about how Esposito plays Mr. Giovanni. Freeze, comes from @nab1803 on Twitter, and below you can see some fan comments.

Work for me pic.twitter.com/ORUNhiVcVP

– (@ampinstein) 4. May 2020.


– 〰Whoadie〰 (@trukurself) 4. May 2020.

That would be really great. He’s a great actor.

– 3. Subjective clock (@filmusic42) May 2020.

That’s amazing. He’d be great in many roles. That’s how good he is.
Alfred, Gordon, Dent.

– Paolo Gil (@paologil) 4. May 2020.

Wow, it never occurred to me, but it’s brilliant.

– Stevie Wonder ☥ (@PharaohSteve) 4. May 2020.

Yes, please. I can imagine it in my head, and it’s pretty damn good.

– Midnight Desperado (@Aditkusu) 4. May 2020.

I’m so torn because I want a German actor, but FUCK is so good.

– 3. Star Hustler (@headlessbiker97) May 2020.


– Jeff Foster (@thegeofffoster) 4. May 2020.

I think it’s a master cast.

He has the voice and presence needed for this role.

– 3. BATSOURSA (@Bat_Source) 4. BATSOURSA (@Bat_Source) May 2020

I didn’t know I wanted this until now.
Besides, I still watch Bad Break with my wife when I print this.

– Lord Riley (@DRileyyyamusing) 3. May 2020.

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