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Book Review: Killing Cancer – Not People

Killing Cancer by Robert G. Wright

Visitor Customer: Patricia Easton

Complete Title: Eliminating Cancer Cells– Not Individuals
Writer: Robert G. Wright
Author: Robert G. Wright [Self]; second version (2010)
Variety Of Pages: 240
For how long it took me to review: 1 week
Where I purchased this publication: Selected it up at a wellness facility in Toronto.
ISBN: 978-0578063270

Like a Moth to a Fire

When I went to a wellness facility in Toronto as well as saw this publication a number of years earlier, I really felt forced to choose it up. I absolutely did. I recognize the cancer cells trip– I have actually endured radiation treatment, surgical procedure, radiation, as well as cosmetic surgery. I wish to know if what I have actually been doing is anything near what Wright wishes to instruct me. I simply need to identify what he absolutely recognizes as well as whether I will certainly concur with him or otherwise.

Favored 5

I suggest that the leading 5 quotes from this publication are:

5. “Consuming the right type of water is vital to detoxifying the body’s acidic waste products and is one of the most powerful health treatments available.” (p.153)

4. “Cancer feeds on sugar; it proliferates anaerobically in the cells, destroying the citric acid cycle (Kreb’s cycle), and produces lactic acid as a by-product—which then goes to the liver, is changed back to sugar, then sent back to the cells to feed more cancer.” (p.66)

3. “Remember that cancer hates—and cannot live in—an alkaline environment. It also fears and expires when confronted with oxygen…” (p.104)

2. “While the right food and water are the baseline for stopping your cancer in its tracks, it will be a combination of unique supplemental, nutritional products that will turn it around.” (p.121)

… as well as my choice for the No. 1 quote is …

1. “After you have stopped doing the things that promote and feed your cancer, you must begin the detoxification process that will eliminate the poisons that have played an integral part in the development of your disease…” (p.93)

Discussion with the Visitor

While I review, I compose, and also as I compose, I review. Right here’s a few of what I created while I review this publication:

“I am shocked to learn that there are more than ‘400 individual alternative applications for cancer out there that have at least some efficacy to treat or heal this disease.’ (p.178) I am immensely impressed to have much of this information immediately on these pages because this is what every new patient needs right away. Time is of the essence before conventional medicine gets you. I know this is what every patient needs because I was one of those patients. ‘The reason that there are so many “alternative” cancer cells therapies today is that every one of them has actually made a considerable adjustment in somebody’s life (most likely, several somebody’s) that has actually had cancer cells. Nevertheless, that can say with a recovered body?’ (p.177)”

” My trip via cancer cells heck began with the cancer cells medical diagnosis. I was surprised, stunned, as well as on my very own. My instant family members all lived away. I understood nothing concerning what I will deal with. Like most individuals, I thought I was living well as well as doing all the ideal points as well as, obviously, that cancer cells took place to other individuals. I want, with all my heart, that I had this publication for recommendation to assist me choose at that time based upon reality while dealing with my body’s all-natural recovery system.

” I bear in mind well the health issues of chemo … I had such a terrible sensation of being infected that I maintained assuming, ‘My God, this is how the people dying in the concentration camps must have felt when they were gassed!’ Mr. Wright’s very first paragraph files the dreadful method which his daddy was medicated to fatality:

‘…he had suffered for years with chronic kidney failure and lung disease. One cancerous kidney had been removed a dozen years prior and this lurking killer had been moving on to the other one. Continuous dialysis, lung drainage by syringe, and 24 prescription drugs for everything from constipation to high blood pressure and pain had haunted his last several years. Finally, he gave up.’ (p.41)

“I have chosen not to take any more medications ever since my treatment but I still have 200 times the risk of dying of a heart attack as a result of the use of heart-muscle-damaging drugs in my treatment. I am reading this book with more and more anticipation because I can see what Mr. Wright is trying to educate us about. I am excited to learn that some of the life enhancing protocols I am using are actually listed in this remarkable book.”

” I’m discovering what I need to do initially as well as what I need to quit doing now. Water, with its, capability to detoxification, alkalize as well as avoid oxidation of the body, ends up being one of the most affordable preventative as well as recovery system I have actually discovered. Taking details supplements will certainly assist maintain the body in equilibrium. Workout. Sunshine. All really essential. I’m learning more about Insulin Potentiation Treatment, Cesium Chloride, Hydrazine Sulfate, Pancreatic Enzymes, Hyperthermia, Coley’s Contaminants, Essiac Tea, KILOMETRES, Graviola, Super Juices, ASEA, Max GXL, Immunotec, Vivex, Vitamin D, as well as great deals a lot more.

” I passionately want I might have had this publication when I began the cancer cells trip. It appeared like over night, a five-centimeter swelling showed up on my bust. My life was altered. My globe, as I understood it, fell down. I was a solitary mama, on my very own, with absolutely no financial backing. My youngsters were ruined as well as frightened. What could I claim to them? I was constantly doing what I assumed was the ideal point! Just how could I describe where I had failed to ensure that they could stay clear of the experience I was having?

“As I continue to read Mr. Wright’s book, I’m becoming angry. Why are we being denied this information in our mainstream healthcare facilities? Why? Why? Why? Then I read: ‘The “Race for the Cure” is just one of the best sociomedical disadvantages ever before carried out by the pharmaceutical sector. Right here’s exactly how it functions: First, the medication business take control of the cancer cells non-profits by giving away significant amounts of cash as well as obtaining their very own execs on the boards of these companies. From there, all choices by the cancer cells non-profits are made to secure the passions of medication business. Today, essentially all cancer cells non-profits are in fact Large Pharma front teams that press cancer cells therapy, yet never ever avoidance (since in fact, stopping cancer cells would certainly hurt the earnings of medication business).’ (p.46)

“Now I learn who is benefiting from withholding valuable information for treatment and cures. Why is it that natural care providers will NOT say their remedies will cure you for fear of breaking the law or just being shut down? How can anyone deliberately do this? What can we do about it? I feel like one lone voice in the wilderness! Will I find others trying to do the same thing? How? Where do I look?”

“I’m reading a chapter on the benefits of a special type of water—the same water I used throughout my treatment and that I continue to use almost 5 years later. I realised shortly after I was introduced to this product that I was amazingly unknowledgeable about it. Mr. Wright simplified it for me. He explains in detail what the Oxidation Reduction Potential of Kangen water means and how it works. He talks about the natural electrical charge in healthy water and how healing is possible with the use of this water. ‘Increasing the alkalinity leads to decreasing the oxidation. The effects of free radicals or oxidation of the cells can be better described as Hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer in the liver, pancreatitis, diabetes and cancer in the pancreas; and nephritis, nephrosis and cancer in the kidneys.’ (p.147) Is it truly possible that something so simple can be transformed structurally into something that could be a powerful catalyst for amazing health and healing?”

“What is most interesting as I delve into this book is to see into the heart and mind of the man whose brainchild this labor of love is. I’m beginning to appreciate the real courage and commitment that was necessary to birth this book. The shear volume of resource material readily available in it is astounding. For example, I’m stunned to learn a valuable fact about prostate cancer: ‘BENIGN growth of the prostate is the most common cause of elevated PSA level between 1 and 10’ (p.88) and is NOT indicative of cancer. I learned of the side effects of permanent incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and urological dysfunction that many men suffer from after rushing in for surgery. So many facts are compressed into this one volume. Can we get this book into hospitals and neighbourhood libraries? Are the not-for-profit cancer societies offering this book to help those most in need? If they are not, why not? We know there are BILLIONS of dollars raised in the name of care and research. I am wondering about the question of reallocation of funds from all cancer charities for cancer prevention education.”

“When I think of the speed at which the only option offered by the conventional establishment is one of surgery, chemo, and radiation—read: cut, poison, and burn—I tremble. My body, my arm, will never be the same again. I must be forever vigilant for the word ‘metastasize’ could mean another round of ‘treatment’!! I say, let us first educate ourselves, then make choices accordingly. So far, with all of the knowledge I am gaining and implementing from this book, I am cancer free and living well. But I know this is not the case for so many others. With regular frequency, I hear another name or two come up for special prayers in my church congregation; cancer has struck again. Yes, they are getting to be younger and younger. Closer to home, my beautiful 21-year-old niece has just lost her thyroid to cancer. She will be on drugs for the rest of her life. Not a good way to live.”

“I need to know the absolute best way to keep my immune system strong and in top fighting form. That’s my new reality. So I was delighted to corroborate the information from Mr. Wright’s book to other research I’ve done. I feel empowered and excited to gather more knowledge in my quest for truth. Most recently, I learned about the importance of supplements, how to take them, what to combine for maximum effect, and where to get them from reputable suppliers. I feel I’m being given the tools to make fabulous choices and am forever grateful to Mr. Wright for his dedication to compiling such an impressive resource and reference book. I feel his passion and his honesty for this project. His frustration with the medical and pharmaceutical companies also shines through, so it is difficult not to get emotional and angry at what is happening in the ‘cancer cure and research’ industry. What I am learning is how these companies manage to get their tentacles onto the boards of the largest charities and take control of them for their own benefit therefore denying that same benefit to the very people they were meant for! Is there a solution and what can be done? I am looking for answers and I do hope that some are forthcoming.”

” Currently we reach the topic of food. I might simply shriek! I can not think the amount of points I was doing definitely incorrect! I currently recognize exactly how to select far better foods, far better water, as well as far better cooking strategies. I can select a lot extra carefully from an area of understanding yet most importantly, I can share what I am finding out with a self-confidence I never ever had.

‘ If we focus on consuming foods as well as alcohol consumption water with unfavorable hydroxyl ions (0H-), we raise the unfavorable cost or unfavorable oxidation decrease capacity. The 0H- ions after that bind to the H+ (acidic) ions to counteract the complimentary radicals that create the “rusting “ or “rotting” of the human interior surface.’ (p.147)

“When I thought I was washing off all the pesticides from my fruits and vegetables, I was totally wrong. Oil based chemicals do not come off with rinsing under the tap. I shudder to think of how many different pesticides I have ingested unknowingly. Now I use strong alkaline water to emulsify all the oil based pesticides off my fruits and vegetables. Depending on how pure the ingredients, the rinsing water may look clear (as in the case of washing organic vegetables from my garden) or it can turn odd colours (like florescent yellow after rinsing cherry tomatoes from Costco).”

“I am appalled to learn that the reverse osmosis system I happily installed in my home was stripping away all the minerals from the water my body desperately needed to stay healthy and function normally. I have a deeper appreciation for the power of food and water to hydrate, nourish, and alkalize my body in order to keep it healthy and with a strong immune system. I now know cancer cannot survive in alkaline and non-toxic environments. I have learned the power of detoxifcation with ‘negative charged’ alkaline water and how to do it simply and on a shoestring budget. It is awesome!”

” I have actually reached the phase on reviews. I am specifically amazed with the ones on bust cancer cells, as that is the one I absolutely have one of the most passion in. Nevertheless, there are a lot of even more as well as all are intriguing. I am saddened I never ever had a portion of the details I currently contend my fingertips. I never ever would certainly have hurried right into the hostile therapy method I adhered to. What would certainly I have done? I recognize I would certainly have considered my choices a lot more meticulously. I am grateful I currently collaborate with a naturopathic medical professional that is aiding me remain well balanced. I have a Kangen SD501 system in the house as well as it is the ONLY water I ever before consume as well as make use of to tidy as well as prepare my food (anything from saturating veggies as well as meats to utilizing it to prepare rice as well as beans). As a standard program for wellness, I have miraculous confidence in the effectiveness of utilizing this water as well as the suggested supplements from my medical professional. I think these methods assist me to really feel as well as look definitely wonderful. I have actually had no regression as well as no influenza, colds, or health problems considering that my therapy yet I do comply with a healthy and balanced diet plan as well as workout program.

” The number of various kinds of cancer cells can be treated with ‘alternative’ medication? The response is a genuine eye opener. I can not assist yet value the study that entered into placing every one of this product right into one quantity. Can the anti-cancer motion make adequate sound for the sort of activity we require for adjustment? I seriously wish so. It is so essential to keep in mind that most of these experts are certified clinical employees. Much of them are so devoted they have actually selected to leave their nation of birth in order to exercise risk-free medication in a various nation! It was additionally really heart-warming to find out of the numerous therapy facilities that are both affordable as well as efficient.

“As a resource guidebook, the book leads me through pages of other health care facilities and their individual programs. It offers websites, phone numbers, and contact information. I am given choices too many to list. I am extremely pleased at how concise and to the point it is. The varying opinions of medical doctors and professionals in various disciplines are also made available. I’ve learned of tested and proven remedies and cures with herbs and the way to source them. I feel like I have found a new best friend holding my hand, guiding my way and lighting my path. I am no longer in a place of fear and darkness. It is almost 5 years since I first heard the dreaded word “cancer.” I have actually discovered a lot from my individual study as well as I am continuously grabbing even more reducing side as well as unknown solutions. I really feel honored to have actually discovered Mr. Wright’s publication. I involve this verdict from analysis as well as rereading this remarkable publication. I transform a web page– an additional treasure gets my focus whenever. I am stunned right into seeing as well as thinking.”

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