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Coronavirus response ‘harming ethnic minorities and migrants’

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The study found that the coronavirus policy is detrimental to migrants and ethnic minorities (Photo: Getty).

The government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak hurts ethnic minorities and migrants, health experts warn.

A report published in the journal of the Royal Society of Medicine said that government policy on a hostile environment, including barriers to accessing health services, had led to migrants avoiding seeking help when they were ill.

Studies have already shown that people from black, Asian and ethnic minority groups (BAME) are more likely to catch Covida-19. Studies have shown that bottlenecks also have a greater impact on the mental health of the poorest parts of society, often belonging to ethnic minorities and migrants.

The lead author is Dr Delan Devakumar of the Institute for Global Health at University College London: Black, Asian and ethnic minorities and migrant groups are at greater risk of contracting the Covida 19 virus because they are more likely to live in poor and overcrowded houses and perform unreliable work or work in a huge economy.

You also have a better chance of getting a serious form of infection.

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The report states that for many people in BAME and migrant groups stopping work is not only annoying but also impossible.

This increases the risk of infection, and it can then spread more easily to relatives in crowded and densely populated homes, they add.

Health experts also discussed the economic situation resulting from the pandemic.

They argue that poorer segments of society, such as people with insecure jobs and poor health, are exposed to other stress-related health problems, including mental health problems that worsen during the recession.

According to Dr. Devacumar, economic hardship is a fertile breeding ground for populist movements to flourish, and unfortunately, many world leaders have used the Covida-19 epidemic to mix public health measures with divisive policies to advance their own agendas.

For an effective response to the pandemic, health interventions depend on well-trained and effective health services that treat and support everyone and protect those most at risk.

Public health principles based on equity should be at the heart of the global response.

April 2020.

Studies show that blockades have negative effects on people from BAM and migrant groups (Photo: Empix).

The decision follows an investigation by British Public Health England (PHE), in which it was established that Bangladeshis are twice as likely to die as white British citizens.

Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and other Asian, Caribbean and black nationalities have, according to PHE, a 10-50% higher risk of death.

The report, Mismatches in Risk and Results of COVID-19, calls for all future strategies, policies, reports and reports to identify and reduce the impact of coronaviruses on EAR groups.

she says: As the number of new cases of Covida-19 decreases, surveillance of the infection of the most at risk persons becomes increasingly important.

It seems difficult to control the spread of Covid-19 if these inequalities are not corrected.

Last week’s report criticised the fact that no solutions were proposed and pointed the finger at facts already known.

It was established after data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that black men and women were more than four times more likely to suffer coronavirus-related deaths than white men and women.

The government has stated that the Minister of Equal Opportunities, Liz Truss, will now take responsibility to investigate what more can be done to tackle the problem.

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