“Covid-19 Pandemic, a Wake up Call for Manufacturing and Service Industries to Go Digital” says Sudheer Nair, CEO Eresource ERP

“Covid-19 Pandemic, a Wake up Call for Manufacturing and Service Industries to Go Digital” says Sudheer Nair, CEO Eresource ERP

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Sudheer Nair, CEO Eresource ERP

Eresource ERP Gives New Lease of Life to Madhya Pradesh Manufacturing Companies

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], April 30: Indian manufacturing companies are now blending manufacturing with IT, by including artificial intelligence, virtual reality connect and the internet. India has the potential to become a global manufacturing hub if it speeds up the adoption of technology.

Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource ERP, One of the leading ERP solutions provider in the world said “The pandemic was a wake-up call that disrupted the operations of lot of industries worldwide which anyone could have previously ever even anticipated. For many, it has been a bitter reality, painful, costly, and still unresolved. For a few lucky others, it has offered an unforeseen windfall. Rising numbers of manufacturing businesses are turning to digital technologies to help improve their operational resilience and efficiency and support their customer growth strategies. More than two-thirds of manufacturers in India have accelerated their adoption of digital technologies as result of the Corona virus pandemic. I am extremely happy to see this phenomenal growth in the ERP industry market owing to pandemic.”

The pandemic outbreak caused by Corona has brought the world to standstill for more than a year since 2020 March. Every industry, every business and every person all over the world has experienced the bitter taste of this pandemic. But, ERP industry has grown exceedingly well in this pandemic and ERP companies have helped lot of industries to adopt digital route.

Despite the pandemic turbulence that hit the entire world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the interesting point to note is that India’s manufacturing industry has grown. Overall, in 2021-22, manufacturing is expected to grow by 12.5 per cent, mining and quarrying by 14.3 percent, construction by 10.7 percent and electricity, gas and water supply by 8.5 per cent.

Mr. Manish Daryani, Promoter, Samriddhi Industries said, “The COVID-19 pandemic caught working systems flat-footed for almost all industries. No one was prepared for this large-scale shift in the work culture. Samriddhi Industries is the largest manufacturers of Power cables & conductors. This includes LT PVC/XLPE Power Cables, Power Transmission Cables, Power Distribution Cables, Control Cables, AB Cables & AAC, AAAC, ACSR Conductor in the Brand name of JEO”.

Mr. Manish further said “During Covid 19 phase, working from home especially the Back office work became critical. During this unprecedented Covid 19 phase, eresource ERP became a huge support for Samriddhi. With the implementation of state-of-the-art ERP software, Eresource continues to be a strategic solution for all of our group companies and operational requirements. We are very happy with the partnership with Eresource ERP and would not hesitate to recommend Eresource products and services to other companies considering a move to a modern ‘Next Generation’ ERP system.”

Mrs. Divya Daryani, Executive Director, G-Four Infratech Pvt. Ltd., said “At this time of uncertainties, managing our manufacturing business with an efficient and a Web enabled enterprise solution has helped SME companies like ours with sales forecasting and planning strategies. We are extremely happy that post implementing Eresource ERP – Xcel, we are able to monitor everything on our mobile enabled ERP without being physically present at the plant site.”

Mr. Sudheer Nair said “eresource Xcel ERP for Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises is an affordable, quick to implement enterprise solution which enables the SME to focus on growth and improving their business strategies rather than worrying about their method of business operations.”
Mr. Sudheer Nair further added “eresource Xcel ERP for Manufacturing Industry is designed to provide the small and medium enterprises to implement a suitable resource planning which will guarantee a return on investment, thus making it to grow their business beyond their expectations and margins.”

Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO, Eresource ERP, one of leading ERP solutions provider in the world said “It will be significant to note that organizations in the manufacturing industry segment which have adopted eresource Xcel ERP solution for streamlining business processes were able to survive the onslaught of Covid pandemic.  The digital transformation brought in business process by eresource has helped companies in the segments of Manufacturing, Construction & Contracting and Trading & Distribution by offering them a new lease of life.  The system helped companies to develop the competitive advantage to excel in the global business environment.”
Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO of eresource ERP said “Covid 19 had a serious impact across all the industries. But the ERP and Software industry, in general, has been more resilient than any other industry and was benefited during the Covid-19. During the pandemic, we expanded our base not just in India, but internationally as well by starting our operations in African market as well”.

Like in many other Indian states, eresource has expanded its operations in Madhya Pradesh, and today many manufacturing companies in this Indian state are operating their business process under this superbly intelligent enterprise solution. These companies in Bhopal embarked on digital transformation of their business process with the objective of automating all their business and administrative process with help eresource Xcel ERP system for manufacturing. Needless to say, today eresource is one of the most popular enterprise solutions among SMEs in Bhopal.

It will be an informative exercise to know about the industrial scenario in Bhopal, one of the upcoming industrial belts in India. The major industries in Bhopal are engaged in producing cotton textile, jute and electrical products. Power generation is also very important to this city.

However, the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has given a big blow to all industrial segments in Bhopal and most of the industrialists are concerned over weak demand and increased input costs besides tight financial liquidity. The superlative ERP systems like eresource Xcel has brought big relief to the manufacturing industry in Bhopal as companies enjoyed the facility to manage their business process with anywhere anytime.  This has brought the indications of improvement in economic activity and manufacturing companies in Bhopal are hopeful of better performance in the next 6 to 12 months time.

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