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Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review by Vaporizerblog.com

Smaller sized, lighter, smarter as well as simply far better all round than the initial 2013 Firefly, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is an one-of-a-kind vape in regards to home heating (all convection), style as well as vapor top quality. Convertible batteries, as well as an application to toggle in between (as well as fine-tune) temperature level accounts as well as the most effective sampling focuses we have actually had from a mobile make the Firefly2 among the stick out tools presently on the marketplace.

With exceptional vapor top quality as well as vital enhancements on the initial, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is a wonderful mobile vaporizer, also if it’s not as straightforward right out of package as various other premium tools.

In 2013 we provided the initial Firefly a blended evaluation. We commended it for being among the initial mobile completely dry natural herb vaporizers to use on-demand convection home heating at the touch of a switch. It was a basic tool to utilize, given good vapor top quality as well as was plainly a cutting-edge style.

However it dropped short in regards to temperature level control, a brief battery life, as well as challenging warmth account to master. It’s all-metal covering likewise made it a little a jalopy; heavy as well as a little bit troublesome, which was a pity provided its sophistication under the hood.

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Smaller sized, lighter, smarter as well as simply far better all round than the initial 2013 Firefly, the Firefly2 is an one-of-a-kind vape in regards to home heating (all convection) …

Smaller Sized & lighter

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is the 2nd effort from Firefly Vapor. It is 33% smaller sized as well as 55% lighter than the initial as well as includes on-demand convection home heating at the touch of a switch as well as a glass vapor course for instantaneous flavorful vapor.

A lot of vaporizers have a 1– 2 min warm up time as well as once they get to the collection temperature level they keep it throughout the whole session. While an efficient method to evaporate it can be a little bit inefficient since the natural herb is preparing also if you are not attracting from the tool.

Constantly ready

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer does not have an on/off feature however is continuously on as well as in standby setting. There are 2 ‘capacitive touch activation’ sensing units, which we’re calling switches, one on either side of the device.

With the Firefly2, your natural herbs are just heated up when you push the finger-sensitive switch( s) wait on the blinking thumbs-up to transform strong in a couple of secs as well as start attracting from the device. When you release as well as quit, attracting your natural herb no more chefs, aiding to keep its flavourful material for the following draw.

You can select by means of the application whether you favor to push one or both switches to produce warmth. I really felt 2 made the tool unpleasant on the wrist, however when I chose the solitary switch I was continuously starting warm up when loading the stove or passing the Firefly around. Honestly, neither alternative is ideal, however that’s a little complaint.

Out of the charming box

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer shows up as perfectly packaged as one would certainly get out of a vape on top of the mobile array. The minute you open up package you seem like you are obtaining a top quality item, as well as the Firefly 2 is certainly smooth as well as attractive.

Its lowered weight as well as dimension really feels better than the previous version, while still keeping a top quality really feel to it.

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Smaller sized, lighter, smarter as well as simply far better all round than the initial 2013 Firefly, the Firefly2 is an one-of-a-kind vape in regards to home heating (all convection) …

Convertible batteries

Much of the weight decrease originates from the smaller sized yet extra effective– as well as detachable– 770 mAH lithium ion battery. There’s likewise an extra battery to guarantee you are never ever without juice– a welcome enhancement to the Firefly 2, as the initial did deal with bad battery life.

Billing is by means of a USB-supplied call cradle. Simply lay the Firefly down in it as well as wait a number of hrs as well as you’re excellent to go.

Air conditioning faceplate

The magnetic faceplate constructed from magnesium alloy, with its quartz home window developed right into it so you can enjoy your natural herb food preparation, is a delight to look at.

The reasonably sized stove is disclosed under this faceplate, similar to the initial ‘Fly, kept in location magnetically as well as with a rubber seal. This can be a little fiddly to break back in position flawlessly.

The stove is made from borosilicate glass, great for around 0.2 grams of carefully ground natural herb. Additionally like the initial, it noticeably shines orange as it warms up, as well as can be seen from the side as well as via the home window in the covering plate. For This Reason ‘Firefly’.

Thumbs-up for go

When the thumbs-up transforms strong you prepare to begin attracting from the mouth piece. For ideal outcomes, we advise really slow-moving, lengthy attracts. The tool returns right into standby setting after pushing the switches for 30 secs, as well as for the very best attracts, you will certainly intend to breathe in for that whole period.

It’s a drinking approach that does have a relatively high understanding contour; you essentially need to unlearn whatever you learnt about vaporizers as well as begin afresh with this tool.

If you locate on your own underwhelmed after the initial session do not be inhibited. We had the very same feeling of “is this it?”, however after a pair extra sessions we identified just how to take right attracts for some really good vapor. Awesome, many thanks to the lengthy vapor course under the steel faceplate, as well as really flavourful many thanks to the convection home heating.

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Smaller sized, lighter, smarter as well as simply far better all round than the initial 2013 Firefly, the Firefly2 is an one-of-a-kind vape in regards to home heating (all convection) …

Application accessibility to temp accounts

Among the largest problems with the initial Firefly was its absence of temperature level adaptability. The Firefly 2 Vaporizer repairs this by having actually temperature level control accessed via the Bluetooth Firefly application. This uses accessibility to 6 temperature level setups, 5 for natural herbs as well as 1 for concentrate. It’s likewise where you select which switches require to be pushed to warm the tool.

With the natural herbs establishing you can select in between reduced (171 C), medium-low (182 C), tool (193 C), medium-high (204 C), as well as high (215 C). This provides you a good array to deal with as well as you need to locate a temperature level that helps you.

Focuses & power adjusting

The concentrate setting heats up the tool as much as 260 C, which is ideal for waxes however will certainly spark natural herbs, so constantly see to it you recognize what setting you remain in prior to utilizing the tool.

Make certain you upgrade your Firefly 2 to the latest firmware (by linking the Firefly to the application with a net link). You will certainly have the ability to “Power Tune” the dealt with warmth setups by as much as 11%. This suggests the highest possible setup of 215 C will certainly be increased to a max of 230 C. It’s a wonderful modification alternative to locate the sort of vapor you favor.

Remarkable vapor top quality

With the understanding contour understood as well as the appropriate warmth setup, vapor top quality from the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is superior. You can truly taste every one of the refined tastes

If you desire good sized clouds we advise the highest possible natural herb setup (high) as well as the power adjusting setup cranked as much as 111%. Also at this external restriction still the Firefly2 takes care of to supply a pure taste, though this will certainly reduce via the session.

On reduced warmth setups, vapor is thinner however a few of the most effective sampling presently readily available. Keep in mind that to guarantee an also prepare as well as obtain whatever out of your natural herb you require to mix the dish after every 3 or 4 attracts. The Firefly 2 does not have an integrated in mixing device, so you will certainly need to keep in mind to lug the one that got here in package to guarantee a reliable session.

Great for focuses

We pointed out that this child can manage waxes as well as focuses with making use of mesh fluid pads as well as by altering the warmth account to “Concentrate Mode”.

We have actually located most vapes providing completely dry natural herb as well as concentrate compatibility do refrain from doing so quite possibly. However the Firefly 2 truly deals with focuses well, creating the most effective preference experience we have actually had the enjoyment of, despite having percentages of concentrate.

Average power

With modest usage, a solitary battery obtains approximately 3– 4 total chefs, relying on temperature level setup. While not fantastic, with the 2nd battery you will certainly have the ability to obtain around 6– 8 sessions out of the Firefly without requiring to bill it.

The double battery system would certainly have been a best option but also for one significant downside: the battery needs to remain in the device in order for it to bill. So if a battery is dead as well as you exchange it for a fresh one, you can not bill the dead battery up until you have actually completed your session. This practically negates the advantage of having the added battery.

Ideally, a future Firefly (or a brand-new dock device) will certainly take on a system comparable to that utilized by the Prima, which permits its extra battery to butt in an outside battery charger, separately of the tool.


The Firefly2 is still on the big side of mobile when contrasted to the similarly-priced Pax3 or G-Pen Elite. However it will certainly still suit a back pocket or a bag if you intend to take it out as well as around. Neither is it specifically sneaky to utilize, being smoked like a huge fat stogie. In its support, the tool does not discharge much of an odor, specifically at reduced temperature levels.

However if you desire an entire day’s usage you will certainly locate the demand for all the outside devices a little a trouble. You’re mosting likely to require the 2nd battery, perhaps even the billing dock as well as USB wire– which mixing stick we pointed out. Overall, taking a trip while maintaining the Firefly up as well as running can be a little bit irritating.

And Afterwards there’s the demand for your phone if you intend to transform temperature levels, as the only method to exchange accounts is by means of the application. This also can be irritating, specifically if you such as to ‘step’ your home heating (gradually enhance the temperature as you utilize it), as you’ll get on as well as off your phone during.

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Smaller sized, lighter, smarter as well as simply far better all round than the initial 2013 Firefly, the Firefly2 is an one-of-a-kind vape in regards to home heating (all convection) …

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Final Thought

The initial Firefly was an advanced, practically innovative however eventually flawed enhancement to the costs mobile vape market. This commonly expected follower is smaller sized, lighter as well as smarter. A large enhancement over the previous version that offers a few of the most effective vapor top quality we have actually experienced.

While not ideal, the Firefly 2 is an one-of-a-kind tool that should have hands-on usage to truly value. After you overcome the understanding contour it’s an enjoyment to utilize, supplying delicious on-demand convection vapor at the touch of a switch.

It’s fantastic if you intend to fast sessions without the warm up time of various other vaporizers, to place it down as well as choose it up once again later on while staying reliable with a smaller sized quantity of natural herb. It likewise does an incredibly work evaporating focuses as well as supplied among one of the most delicious wax experiences to day.

Smaller sized, lighter, smarter as well as simply far better all round than the initial 2013 Firefly, the Firefly2 is an one-of-a-kind vape in regards to home heating (all convection), style as well as vapor top quality.



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