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Games Inbox: What are the PS5 Launch Games?

Screenshot of Forbidden Western Horizon

Western Horizon Forbidden – is it ready to go? (tip: Sony)

On Wednesday, attendees will be wondering what the future of PS4 will look like, as a PlayStation Now player on a PC won’t be impressed.

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Speaking of Bugsnax
: GC, do you think early adopters will go home with a great app on the first day of PlayStation 5? If you look at PlayStation 4, it was… Oh, look! Over there! Jim Ryan rides naked through Times Square on horseback!

Yeah, it’s not inspiring. I thought at least Mortal Kombat X came out the day PlayStation 4 was launched. Or Street Fighter 5. But I think they came a little late. [Killer Kombat X died more than a year later, Street Fighter 5 died more than two years later – GC]

I know not all consoles can be opened with Super Mario 64 or Legend of Zelda: The breath of the wilderness – but can PlayStation 5 offer something interesting from day one? The western horizon forbids? That cat game? A tramp? Dinosaur school?

Hey, did you know that Dreamcast came out on the first day with SoulCalibur? Wow. I always thought it would be a few weeks later, but it was a damn good app, wasn’t it? SoulCalibur published in December 1999, Dreamcast published in October in Europe – GC]

HONG KONG: The only games in the exhibition with a confirmed release date in 2020 are Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Astro Bot Game Room, Divine Fall, Death Loop, Ken: Bridge of ghosts, Jett: Farshore and Bagsnax. So Bagsnax is clearly a killer application.

License revoked
Glad to hear that we have Batman announcements at least until August, but I hope there will be a WB Games event by then, because I was also looking forward to Harry Potter. This company is so strange with all the delays and cancellations, but also because almost all their games are good. I even loved Crazy Max for who he was.

Every time something like this happens, I can’t help thinking about what people say, that with the next gene, there will be even fewer games from each company. For me, Rocksteady is the worst victim. Not only has it been five years since the last game was played, but they really seemed to make a name for themselves as developers at the highest level.

But instead of going for the big and better things, there are rumors that they do something like Batman or Suicide Squad or something like that. I love DC, but Rocksteady is too good to do licensed work, they have to make their own original games, but they all have to retire before they get the chance.
Secret key

PlayStation now not
Just try a seven-day trial of PlayStation Now on your PC.

I just wonder if someone’s experience is better than mine, because so far it’s as much fun as pulling teeth.

If you uninstall the trial version, it won’t appear on the subscription, so I’ll have fun canceling the subscription (I hope there will only be a delay, but still… aaaaaaah).

Although I signed up for the application, it took a long time for the PlayStation Now application to accept my subscription and keep sending me to the website (where you have to log in multiple times to check the different elements of your account).

Captcha appears when it tries to reconnect to an application that doesn’t seem to remember your data.

It finally worked, and the image blinks constantly in different colors when you try to play something (Internet 150mb/s, so no problem).

I’m sure a product from a company as cunning as Sony can’t be as confusing, right?

I’m really curious. Does anyone else use them and consider them good service?

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Common Sense
It is interesting to read with Matt McLowrin, who argues – and then cuts – that PlayStation 4 has more life, apparently after the release of PlayStation 5. This seems to contradict what Sony says about PlayStation 5 games that do not appear on PlayStation 4, probably to tempt you to buy a new console.

All I can think about is that first-player games can be exclusive, and multi-format games support older devices of recent years. However, it would be unfair for people who have recently bought or bought PlayStation 4 to use the 2nd player. part of the last or the next ghost of Tsushima.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck inside, you have to influence the EA people because they seem to be using some common sense. The Star Wars squadrons are not only great, they are also very reasonable, and the clear removal of everything from the lottery boxes – that’s great news. Perhaps the massive sale of the Fallen Jedi Order as a single-player game, not to mention the looting, has forced them to reconsider their strategy.
Mr. Saveloi.

Stupid name
After reading a bit more about Xbox Smart Delivery for the Xbox series, I should applaud Microsoft for being so friendly with the consumer (which is quite epic at the beginning of the Game Pass). For those of you who don’t know how I see it, you can buy Xbox One, and if the same game comes out on Xbox Series X, you’ll get a free update for Xbox Series X – basically, you don’t have to buy the game again (Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Tomb Raider came to mind when I gave an update from the previous generation to the current generation) – it even saves you switching games.

Let us hope that third parties will follow suit (Ubisoft has confirmed this for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but with the release of GTA 5 on PlayStation 5 I don’t think Rockstar will do so).
priests and preachers

HONG KONG: That sounds like a very good story. But we haven’t found the right name yet.

Realism is relatively
Since PlayStation 5 games show videos, some emails say that the graphics are not much better than those of current gene games, but many games of this generation – Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K20 and Forza Horizon 4, to name but a few – already have an almost photorealistic look? What does it mean, of course, that only a very small improvement is possible? It’s just a thought.
PS: The other day I dug up a Dreamcast to blow up the Sega Rally 2. I forgot what a piece of junk the control panel of the Dreamcast is.

HONG KONG: Each generation seems photorealistic until you see the next one, at least that’s how it usually works. The ultimate goal of photorealism is therefore to be inseparable from reality. The last of us, part 2, is good, but not so good.

Bigger and better?
In terms of size, PlayStation 5 is the largest widescreen console ever released. He’s definitely a big boy!

I wouldn’t object to the design if it wasn’t so big. I think the design doesn’t age well, and in a few years it will look bulky among our TV’s, not as futuristic and stylish as the launch material.

What do you think of the design of the GC console?

HONG KONG: We’re just glad it’s not another boring black box, even though we’d say the controller is much more attractive than a real console.

Discover all the previous games received here.

Path to
We are slowly moving to the next generation. Exciting times for everyone, but what’s even more exciting is the sequel to Naughty Dog’s, one of the best video games ever to be The Last of Us.

There are only a few days left until day 19. June, when consumers will receive the game. The game has already received several 10/10 of video game critics with a huge 96 rating on Metacritic. Apparently Sony has made another home run with one of his favorite studios.

Along the way, the game encountered several obstacles, such as delays, leaks and, of course, a global pandemic upside down. The game still managed to overcome all this and fascinated us with its trailers and game records. It is currently one of the most ordered PlayStation games in several countries. The bad dog has certainly sounded a sigh of relief after all this.

This Sony released PlayStation studio has set such a high quality standard that it seems impossible for others. Every time they release a game, it’s always better than the previous one. The installation of planets so high up in fairytale art, graphic fidelity and character interaction is unprecedented in this industry. The experience they offer is unparalleled.

The minds behind the studio are constantly producing some of the best tracks in the industry. In the mid 90’s this cheeky dog was best known for the Crash Bandicut. They were known for what platform talismans like Jak and Daxter did, and now they are part of the fairytale extravagance of the game. With Uncharted and of course The Last of Us they probably became the best video game studio in history. Today’s gamers know Naughty Dog as a drunken serial guard, know Netflix and HBO.

It will be interesting to see how this continues. Wise men, who can take full advantage of the PS4 hardware and create masterpieces, will encourage players to see what they can do with the PS5 (likely to be released in 2020)
Rakibul Haque (@raccentric).

HONG KONG: An unregistered triple was no better than a triple.

Inbox also
Like the Two Macks letter, you can use the external drive to store and play original games for Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, but you can also play games from the Xbox series from your console’s hard drive. They have announced the release of Seagate expansion cards, but I think they will be very expensive.
Captain_seany (PSN ID)

I was wondering if your readers would be interested in the hunt. Do you have plans for an audit?
is currently playing: the pursuit of

HONG KONG: No, we had a short visit and it looked pretty good, but we didn’t have time to get the full picture.

This week’s
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