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In-depth study of each character and its super-powers

Umbrella Academy is part of a ten-episode Netflix series that covers different periods and different genres: an episode of a broken family drama, part of a Y or Z adventure in people’s minds, part of a robbery with a plot, part of an obscure comedy at an impasse.

Based on an ensemble consisting of Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan and Mary J. Clinton. Blydge, this series follows a strange and mysterious family of superheroes who come together to prevent the apocalypse.

Seven children were born in 1989 from mothers who had never been pregnant and were then adopted by the mysterious millionaire Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Feore), who showed little interest in raising these children, but then taught them to use their skills to become world-famous superheroes. After Hargreaves’ death, the siblings were reluctant to join the family, which soon became a challenge.

Walk among the characters behind the story before plunging into the fascinating world of the Umbrella Academy.

Vanya Hargreaves


The only brother and sister of the Hargreys who had no superpowers, Vanya, was radically changed for the coming catastrophe. Vanya is under supervision and in a deep depression, with great hostility towards her deceased father and strange parents, and a deep sense of insignificance due to her lack of influence. She has no choice but to explore her untapped talents as a violinist as the season progresses.

Allison Hargreaves

A former world-famous actress who was traded for a peaceful life after becoming dependent on her, she controlled a number of her relationships, including marriage. She even vowed to use her superpower. She has a complicated relationship with Luther, which will be explored throughout the exhibition.

Klaus Hargreaves


Klaus is in the process of rehabilitation, because the series starts but recovers quickly. A handsome crook and a drug addict who stumble through each other’s lives until he is lured into the world to save. In his own way he believes in a tragic story and a profound loss, which he rarely mentions, but which starts to overwhelm him in the course of the series.


At the age of ten, the boy disappeared because he spent 50 years in the future, where he lived for 50 years, and then found a way back to the past. Today, when he came back, given the emotional state of 60, he was imprinted forever in his 10-year-old body. His powers have made him a lethal killer and an important source of information for the approaching apocalypse.

Diego Hargreaves

Compared to his more cautious brothers, Diego, a tough rebel with a slap on the shoulder, committed suicide as an aggressive policeman. He is in intense competition with Luther and thinks he should become the head of his family instead.

Hazelnut and Cha-Cha-Cha

The Temps Aeternalis police department is a pair of violent murders that act to preserve the dignity of time by eliminating anomalies. Cha-Cha-Cha is one of Netflix’s most explosive characters; two of them are cartoon characters.

The cast is completed by the cruel and negligent father of his brothers and sisters Colm Fort, who is considered to be the monocle of Sir Reginald Hargreaves; Ethan Hwan, like Ben, another of his super brothers and sisters from Hargreaves, who was killed under mysterious circumstances before the show.most useful superpowers,superpowers generator,superpowers list,list of superpowers wikipedia,unique powers for characters,superpowers that have never been used,most creative superpowers,what's your superpower examples

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In-depth study of each character and its super-powers

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