Indian graduate aims to minimise deforestation with innovative mobile app – LYNKE

Indian graduate aims to minimise deforestation with innovative mobile app – LYNKE

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New Delhi (India), April 28: An Indian graduate, Raul Rath, with a Bachelor of Design from the University of Melbourne, encourages us to consider how millions of trees are cut down every year for the creation of physical business cards. To help minimize this issue of deforestation in a world where the effects of climate change are a cause for serious concern, Raul Rath’s design studio, WISQEY Studios, has recently released an innovative mobile app – LYNKE – that allows us to create and share personalized business cards. This completely free app, now available on the Play Store and the Apple App Store, makes creating, updating and sharing digital business cards extremely convenient. The best part is that it allows us all to do our bit for the environment by going paperless when it comes to our business cards.

LYNKE, a very simple app to use, makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to create their own personalized digital business card – their own ‘LYNKE’. When you first download the app, you can create a new account for yourself by verifying your email address and entering some basic registration details. You can then choose a custom theme and LYNKE ID for your digital business card, adding information to your card that is displayed through interactive icons. Your digital business card is then ready to share. To make this app even more game-changing, you can edit your business card as often as you like (as opposed to paying for a set of new business cards every time your phone number changes), add others to your contacts list (never lose someone’s business card again), and share your LYNKE business card across a variety of platforms.

LYNKE was created keeping in mind the global challenges that we are faced with today. Raul believes that “the impacts of climate change can be catastrophic, and the continued use of paper to make physical business cards is only making things worse. The team behind LYNKE hopes to change this story.” Roughly 100 billion business cards are produced each year, leading to the loss of approximately 6 million trees. Considering almost 88% of all business cards are thrown away within a week, LYNKE offers us a much more environment-friendly option. “The fact there are about 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, we need to rethink our choices when it comes to how we share our personal or professional information.”

COVID-19 on the other hand, with social distancing, no-contact policies, remote-working, and the risk of infection, has created other issues for the exchange of physical business cards. LYNKE allows digital business cards to be updated in real-time and shared with others from a distance – no contact necessary. “This aims to solve the problems that traditional business cards carry,” says Raul. Considering the world has made great advancements in technology, it is time to put a stop to deforestation for the production of business cards. “Physical business cards are difficult to manage and impossible to update,” Raul explains. The app’s advanced yet easy-to-use editing options means that even after a LYNKE has been shared, it will always hold the most up-to-date information. This cutting-edge mobile app offers us a solution to the pressing issues that surround us.

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