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Kevin Smith pays off every customer in his Secret Stash Comic Book Store

Kevin Smith has just announced that all waiting lists have been paid out of Jay and Silent Bob’s secret hideout in New Jersey. Smith made this announcement in his last podcast. The director/author/owner of a comic book store decided to pay for everything himself, so that his customers could spend their money on other things during this period. Comic book stores are not really a necessary business, so many people in North America have had to close their doors, which makes this gesture by Smith a very nice one.

On Friday night, Kevin Smith and Mark Bernarden released a new episode of the Fat Man Beyond podcast, in which Smith announced the release. Smith told us that he had already spoken to Michael Zapchich, an employee of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Cache, and asked him to remove all their customer lists. It’s a big deal for comic book lovers who may not have the extra money to buy what they originally withdrew at the time. Millions of people across the country have lost their jobs or earn much less than before.

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POWERFUL: Kevin Smith calls Jay and Silent Bob a new start for his Avengers: Latest

Kevin Smith said he was inspired by the writer Donny Cates, the author of Poison. The author recently paid for all the offers in a local store in Austin, Texas, to help comic book lovers get through this difficult time. He encouraged these people to come forward and support others or buy something else that would help them get through this period. While all this is going on, support for independent bookshops, including comic bookshops, is increasing.

Friday night the Tipp-Bank of the Fat Man Beyond podcast received the #Comics4Creators award with the BINC (charitable foundation for the book industry). #Comics4Creators consists of cartoonists, illustrators, TV producers, actors and many others who try to raise money for BINC by auctioning rare items online. BINC is a non-profit organization with the mission to help booksellers and stores at the right time, and this is definitely one of those moments. So Kevin Smith tried to help a lot of comic book lovers Friday night, not just his clients in New Jersey.

Kevin Smith uses his time indoors to be productive and creative. In a recent interview, he encouraged the fans to do the same and noted that he had almost completed the script for Mallrat’s 2. He also had time to put his podcast on the air, while supporting comic book lovers and comic stores. While millions of people around the world are going through difficult times, many players in the entertainment industry have committed to entertaining people or making charitable donations, which has been very visible. Thanks to Kevin Smith’s YouTube channel, you can watch the Fat Man Beyond podcast on Friday.

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