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All groups of people need leaders for each group activity. From a simple dinner to a more complicated dinner, let’s create the country together, someone takes the initiative to do it. We’ve had impressive leaders who not only did something, but also inspired others to do their best.

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Think of President Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address, the famous first line: Four decades and seven years ago, our fathers created a new nation on this continent, born in freedom and dedicated to affirming that all men are created equal. Or Winston Churchill in World War II: We’ll fight on the beaches… we’ll never give up. Or the visionary preaching of Martin Luther King: I’m having a dream. Or President John F. Kennedy’s admonition: Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.

Looking at these leaders and their achievements, it seems that despite all the differences Americans have had over the years, we have always had more in common than differences. By focusing on what we have in common, it is the kind of leadership that unites a country, that makes us feel that we are working toward common goals, shaped by ideals that bind us together, even in times that require sacrifice. It is an ideal direction that emphasizes our common freedoms and motivates us to do more right.

Unfortunately, what comes out of Washington today can be called leadership for money. It seems it’s all about money, getting more money for yourself, more money for your band and doing everything to keep it that way. And although money, power and politics have always been linked, there were also people with high ethical and moral standards (in both political parties) who were guided by the best interests of the nation and voted accordingly.

In recent years little has been done in Washington for the common good. The Environmental Protection Agency has been abolished, food controls have been discontinued and consumer safety measures have been reduced. Even the staff of the tax office has been downsized. Why is that? It’s very simple – these organisations can limit the promotion of money management. Safety regulations can lead to lower profits, EPA regulations can lead to lower profits and the IRS controls your taxes. Profit must come before the needs of the population.

If simple greed (and the Born in the Manor Act) is the biggest part of the problem, part of it is also related to Leadership Money, which believes companies know what’s best for America. If companies were left alone, everything would be fine. This theory was developed in 1980 in President Ronald Reagan’s inaugural speech, in which he said that the government is not the solution to our problems; the government is the problem.

The result of the collapse of the local, state and federal authorities is that it is no longer there when its resources are needed, as in the case of a coronary virus pandemic. All the preventive work of the Centre for Disease Control, all the pandemic infrastructure, all the scientists dedicated to preparing for such a crisis – whether brief or absent. And this time, once the protective structure is replaced… by a wealthy ruling class that would try to take advantage of the pandemic, but not to save American lives.

Leadership issues – the focus of this section – are clearer than ever. We must be Americans and work together to achieve common goals, and even with the differences we have, we must have a common vision for a better life for all, not just some of us. But our community was divided, we were divided by the money rulers into divided groups that could be better controlled (divided and governed) to vote against their own basic needs. We have been cut and diced and divided into several small groups that can be better targeted to specific additions on Facebook, radio, etc. Instead of being Americans with differences, we identify with our differences, not with our common heritage. We are all immigrants, we all want fundamental human rights, we all want health and safety. And yet 1% makes us fight instead of work together so they can continue to rule. Divide and conquer again.

I hope everyone is thinking seriously about how they want to see America and its leaders, whether they are local or national, doing that. Then the VOICE.

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