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Modern Warfare 2′ Remastered has been leaked; coming sooner than expected

Activision and Infinity Ward have recently released a patch for Call of Duty: Modern warfare. The patch was originally scheduled for Tuesday the 24th. The month of March has been postponed for a few days. Recently, however, she was forced to quit the game by a video game developer who has made a number of changes to the regular version of the game and in Warzone mode.

A video game developer used the latest update to add some interesting files to the game data, and these files were restored by data mining specialists.

It turns out that the new Call of Duty will once again be a remastering, but players are wondering if it will be an increasingly larger campaign. The latest patch has added a cover for the next video game in the series, which is almost a confirmation that the game will be released. However, it may come out quicker than the players expect!

Escape from World War II campaign mode

The call of duty: The modern game Warfare 2 was one of the most popular video games in this series. Originally released in November 2009, the game was available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and has become one of the most popular shooting games with more than 22 million copies sold in 2013.

Players have enjoyed the campaign and multiplayer modes, and many are looking forward to a revised version of the game.

However, according to my information, only the campaign mode can be broadcast. The Reddit user, MrEarthboundFan, has shared the image in the game data that bears the Call of Duty symbol: Contemporary art from the Second World War, on which the campaign is remastered. Infinity Ward created this game, so it’s logical that the same developer would remaster it.

The campaign mode of this video game was very popular and the plot of the game was amazing. However, it has also been very controversial, particularly in the No Russia mission, where actors are involved in a mass shootout at the airport.

This level was optional in the original edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and we can assume that it will be optional and in a revised version.

Okami13 and TheGamingRevolution think the new game will be released on Monday 30th. Mars, can come out!

Multiplayer mode

Until now, the data breach has only occurred in the campaign mode of the popular video game, and there was no need to talk about multiplayer mode. The popular Call of Duty Okami13 claims that some Call of Duty multiplayer maps have been leaked: The Second Modern War will be the current part of the game. This means that if Infinity Ward and Activision release both multiplayer and campaign mode with a remastering, the most popular mode will probably be different and will not be a direct remastering of the original mode.

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