Navi Mumbai is the first choice, preferred over Mumbai – Bhupendra Shah, CMD Bhumiraj Group

Quality of life, realistic property price and rentals, jobs, education and security factors explains the founder trustee of BANM

Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 01: Navi Mumbai has over the years transformed itself from an alternate city to a first choice destination of people looking for a permanent place to live a quality life, a place to make their home. Bhumiraj Group, one of the premier developers in Navi Mumbai, is providing Premium Residential Apartments at affordable prices here.

The Group has several upcoming projects in Navi Mumbai which are a perfect combination of well-planned architecture and modern amenities for a comfortable living. Their affordable residential project brings you premium flats which are incredibly spacious and stylish. The interiors of the apartment are as impressive as the exteriors.

The well planned city with wide roads, basic amenities, gardens, schools and colleges and an overall quality life that is missing in the neighbouring cities like Mumbai have made Navi Mumbai very attractive.

According to Bhupendra Shah, Chairman and Managing Director of Bhumiraj Group, “Mumbai is a city that has reached its saturation level. Any further development there is an additional burden on the already stretched infrastructure and services like sewerage, road, water electricity, etc.”

“There is dearth of space in Mumbai, with only vertical development possible which is out of reach for most of the residents. The real estate prices have crashed through the roof and it is impossible for a common man to purchase a flat there anymore,” he adds.

Talking about Navi Mumbai, he says, “Conceptualised and developed from 70s onwards by CIDCO, Navi Mumbai was handed over to Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 1992. Both the nodal agencies have worked hard to ensure that the city stands out as a place to be. A series of awards both from the State and Central government over the years have reaffirmed the excellent quality of infrastructure and living in the city.”

Shah cites the fact that Navi Mumbai has been ranked 6th in the country and 2nd in Maharashtra, in the Ease of Living Index 2020 rankings of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs released on March 4, 2021.

Said Shah, “In the survey, Navi Mumbai scores high in quality of life, city resilience and citizen perception parameters that includes excellent solid waste management projects, water supply etc. The city is much younger than the other cities and with the IT hubs now coming up here along with mega projects, the city will definitely top in the next few years.”

According to Shah, who is also the Chairman Trustee board of Builders Association of Navi Mumbai (BANM), “The primary reasons for residents staying put in the city after having come here and the continuous increasing arrivals are excellent quality of life, low rentals, the fact that they have managed to secure jobs here and good educational opportunities.”

Shah informed, “According to a survey by a reputed publication, a whopping 64% of the people surveyed said that the quality of life in the city is good. 29% termed it as average with just 7% saying it is poor. Obviously, a very high percentage is quite satisfied with life in the city.”