PallyCon, a Multi DRM and Forensic Watermarking Service for OTT apps, Adds App Security to its digital arsenal

New Delhi/Los Angeles [India/USA], May 27: PallyCon, a global leader in Multi DRM, forensic watermarking services, and anti-piracy technology launches its state-of-the-art app security service. The company has now become a robust 360-degree cloud-based end-to-end content security service provider to OTT platforms.

A simple plug-n-play solution, it is dedicated to helping content developers and publishers protect their content from manipulation and theft. The solution is conceptualized with no single line of code and offers robust security that’s also highly affordable.

Expressing his thoughts, CEO and Founder at INKA Entworks Inc. James Sungmin Ahn said, “With the increasing popularity and rise in viewership of OTT apps, the chances of theft and leakages have increased multiple times. It takes a lot of effort and money to produce content, and illegal access and copying are causing significant revenue losses. Hence, data security should be considered mandatory, and all content creators should adopt 360-degree security along with DRM service for OTT apps to protect their investment”.

“Building an OTT app is no easy feat; it takes a lot of time and energy. And in today’s application-focused world, security can’t slow down your speed of development,” he added.

The solution offers a real-time threat analytics dashboard for content creators to trace the source of piracy and hacking of streaming content in real-time. It works in tandem with a high-performance DRM video protection service to identify leakages right to the last user who leaks or consumes the content illegally, thus offering endless scalable security. The solution supports Android, iOS, and other hybrid apps. Our powerful security suite ensures real-time in-depth application security with features like source code protection, anti-reverse engineering, cheat tool, and emulator detection/blocking while enforcing app integrity. Here are a few ways in which the solution stands out:

  • A simple plug-n-play solution (Get a secured OTT app in “Minutes”)
  • Robust security that’s highly affordable
  • Real-time Threat Analytics Dashboard
  • No single line of code
  • Unlimited free trials
  • Supports Android, iOS, and hybrid apps
  • No annual maintenance charges (AMC), hardware setup, or tech support cost
  • Meet compliance needs with data localisation rules
  • Endlessly scalable security
  • Content security, App security, and data security in a single workflow

Discussing the immense potential of the service Govindraj Basatwar, Head of Global Business for INKA Entworks said, “We are pleased to announce the commencement of our app and data security service. Cyber-attacks against OTT apps and content creators are on the rise. Without adequate security, apps can be easily hacked, which poses a threat to the privacy of data, revenue and puts the brand image at risk too.”

“PallyCon is a first-of-its-kind cloud service that provides 360-degree security for OTT platforms. With this launch, we aim to create a fearless and thriving environment for all content creators and protect their data from potential threats,” he added.

With new security standards set by Hollywood studios, it becomes critical for OTT platforms to protect their apps in runtime. Additionally, the company is offering unlimited free trials to reap the benefits of the app and data security without the need for Coding.

About PallyCon

PallyCon is a premium content protection service by INKA ENTWORKS trusted by 200+ customers globally, providing 360-degree, cloud-based end-to-end content security for OTT platforms such as Multi DRM, Forensic Watermarking, Anti Piracy services, Anti-screen capture/Recorder, App Security with Quick and Simple integration. It is a ONE-IN-ALL solution for OTT owners.

About INKA Entworks

INKA Entworks is a pioneer in the field of Digital Right Management with over 20 years of security experience in providing DRM technology. INKA Entworks Holds Many Patents around DRM and App Security Technology. We created cloud-based SaaS platforms (Security as a Service) which offer Quick time to Market technology services from mobile games and applications to digital streaming, movies, music, and online education which prevents hackers from manipulating or stealing content.

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