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Pass Labs INT-250 Integrated Amplifier | Review

In the wacky (to place it kindly) cosmos of premium sound, the epithet “Lifestyle Product” is a little a put-down– also for an amplifier as enforcing as the Pass Labs INT-250 According to the premium stereotype, a “lifestyle” item is one that integrates glamorous, living-room pleasant looks and also functional simpleness and also comfort, yet with suspicious audio high quality. A “lifestyle product” does not tarnish your living-room with rude commercial style, neither does it require locating a tangled-linguine stack of awful cords in ordinary sight of your supper visitors. It includes several features in a solitary system and also gives a basic push-button control to run them all. It does not need countless tweaking and also messing to appear excellent. In all these methods (if you need to) it passes the legendary Spousal Approval Aspect examination.

That stated, the orthodoxy that holds that excellent looking, simple to make use of audio devices is sonically substandard is a simply a bias waiting to be tested. That states that good-looking, décor-friendly equipment needs to appear average?

In the world of incorporating stunning appearances and also premium sonics, think about the renowned, timber and also leather-clad screens of Italy’s Sonus Faber, the smooth, beaming shades and also rounded forms of speakers from France’s Focal, or the glittering, steampunk bling used by Dan D’Agonstino’s Energy Way of living (!!) Integrated amp and also cordless banner.

When It Comes To “lifestyle product” comfort, standing at the peak of make-it-uncomplicated-so-I do not- have-to-think-about-it style, Apple’s remarkably good-sounding (and also virtually amazingly useful) AirPods earbuds enter your mind, as does my Peachtree Deep Blue 2 Bluetooth audio speaker (lately upgraded to the Deep Blue 3), a room-filling party-in-a-box with remarkably great sonics. (Mentioning way of life sound, mobility– like the Deep Blue, with its hidden bring deal with– is likewise an and also.) You could also suggest (as some have) that it’s specifically these and also various other simple to make use of, excellent appearing “lifestyle” items (the well-reviewed PS Sound Sprout 100 DAC/amp/phono preamp and also KEF’s LS50 cordless energetic audio speakers likewise enter your mind) that will certainly obtain those bothersome millennials involved with high quality sound and also therefore conserve the premium from its insular, complacent, stratospherically valued self.

Why am I raving way of life sound devices in an evaluation of the Pass Labs INT-250 incorporated amplifier? On the one hand, the INT-250 does have some “lifestyle” chromosomes in its DNA. It’s a solitary box that gets rid of the requirement for extra adjoin cords and also power cables while getting rid of several of the experimentation of part matching. It likewise has a basic, user-friendly, detailed push-button control that makes it extremely simple to alter the quantity, power the system on or off and also change inputs from the convenience of your paying attention chair. In every various other regard, however, consisting of dimension, weight, beefy “macho” looks (consisting of huge, warm warm sinks) and also tremendous power outcome, the INT-250 makes no effort to camouflage its Pass Labs family tree as a take-no-prisoners, bad-ass, audiophile muscle mass amp– albeit one that’s “lifestyle” simple to make use of and also take pleasure in.

Pass Labs INT-250: Hefty Player

Initially, think about the Pass Labs INT-250’s thickness. This amp evaluates in at 105 extra pounds (unboxed). Get hold of a star-head screwdriver, get rid of the 10 screws ahead, slide off the cover and also you’ll see component of the factor for the INT-250’s heft: notification that big, toroidal transformer, essentially the dimension of a little cheesecake, along with a 2nd, smaller sized transformer, plus great deals of huge power supply capacitors. Contributing to the INT-250’s weight, the casework on this point lacks a question one of the most overbuilt (in a great way) I have actually ever before seen. The inflexible sheet steel of the detachable leading cover is 1/8-inch-thick and also shielded with an extremely hard, distinctive paint. The cleaned silver front panel is 3/4 inch thick. The outside warm sinks (which are extremely EXCEPT program) represent simply timid of one third of the general size of the system. Absolutely nothing concerning this INT-250 masks what it is: stereo devices, not “audio furniture.”

I will end up the previous paragraph with “you get the idea,” yet up until you have actually seen the INT-250 face to face, I do not believe you can totally value exactly how huge it is. Attempt to choose it up, however, and also you’ll promptly obtain it.

The opening paragraph of the proprietor’s hand-operated warns you that eliminating the amplifier from its delivery container and also locating it where you desire it to live is a two-person task. I should certainly have actually paid attention to that caution, yet, having nobody else in your home when the INT-250 got here and also being over-eager to obtain it onto my stereo closet and also linked into my gear, I attempted to do this on my very own. Say thanks to God, I was eventually effective, yet there were minutes when I assumed (below the uncontrolled groaning sounds I was making), “I am going to end up in the emergency room with a broken foot or a spinal injury, because I am the contrarian who ignored the warning in the manual.” You, nonetheless, have actually been warned: do not attempt to unbox and also mount this amp on your own, also if you have actually been bench pushing a set of Wilson Alexandria XLF’s.

As daunted as I was by the large mass of the Pass Labs INT-250, I need to include that all that weight is the other side of something indisputable: this amp is developed to last for life, by proficient and also dedicated human beings, in The golden state, U.S.A., no much less. Look within once again and also you’ll locate remarkable handiwork and also clean, practical part design almost everywhere you look. Actually, inside my evaluation system were a number of items of covering up tape bearing transcribed notes in ballpoint pen, which I later on discovered include setting up, examination and also part matching details. Extra formally, you’ll likewise get a hand initialed examination list, put right into the slim proprietor’s handbook. The general impact is that qualified craftsmens have actually spent their time, satisfaction and also treatment right into this item.

Wizard’s Aide

When composing an evaluation, I’ll request a call individual at the supplier that can address my inquiries as I’m learning more about the equipment concerned. For this evaluation of the Pass Labs INT-250, I was placed in touch with Wayne Colburn. Wayne has actually been with Pass Labs for 30 years and also is just one of the 4 co-owners of the company. He was initially worked with by Nelson Pass at Limit in 1989, after he responded to an advertisement that Nelson Pass published, seeking a “wizard’s assistant.” At Pass Labs, Wayne mostly does preamplifier style. “The preamplifier area, front panel, housekeeping wiring and also software program [of the INT-250] are my component. [But the] INT-250 … is an adjustment of the X2508 that Nelson did, so [it’s really] a team initiative.”

Provided its $12,000 MSRP, a great deal of prospective clients with such a spending plan could be purchasing “separates,” as opposed to a huge incorporated amp, so I asked Wayne that the target market was when the INT-250 was very first developed. “This was a request of a distributor in Asia,” he responded, “for [customers living in] high-end condominiums, driving bigger box audio speakers, Wilsons, Magicos, and so on”

I’m picturing an extra, perfectly classy living-room, like some shimmering skyscraper in the flick Crazy Rich Asians, with the Pass Labs INT-250 parked on the flooring in between a set of big YG’s or Magico’s, the entire gear placed before a home window with a scenic sight of Singapore’s twinkling evening sky line. Yeah.

Well Linked

The INT-250’s practical front panel is tidy and also minimalist. A row of push buttons manages power on/off, together with different switches for every of the amp’s 4 inputs. A huge quantity handle, an LED home window for quantity readout, a mute switch which huge VU meter finish the photo. Congratulations to Masquerade replicating the private resource switches on the extremely strong, light weight aluminum remote, a setup I a lot like to a remote with a solitary resource switch that compels you to click-cycle with all the inputs to locate the one you desire.

A silver lining of the amp being so massive is that it permits the links on the back panel to be spaciously outlined and also a delight to deal with. I love the audio speaker binding articles (from Japan’s Furutech, according to Wayne). They are covered in huge, teardrop-shaped plastic housings that really feel fantastic in your hand and also make it simple to totally tighten up whatever type of discontinuation your cords take place to have. They’re likewise ratcheted to avoid over-tightening. Simply wonderful!

The input ports are rationally outlined and also plainly phoned number. Inputs 3 and also 4 attribute single-ended, line-level RCA ports. Inputs 1 and also 2 can be made use of in either well balanced or single-ended (RCA linked) setting, depending upon whether the well balanced inputs are disabled by placing the consisted of jumpers. There’s likewise a collection of both well balanced and also single-ended Preamp Outcomes that can be made use of to drive a 2nd system, a speaker and even various other amplifiers for bi-amping. These Preamp Outputs are just energetic when the amp is online and also low-key.

Rather strangely, 2 huge, steel grab deals with extend a number of inches from the rear of the amp. Existed comparable deals with on the front face of the amplifier, as made use of to be typical with “rackmount” design devices, these rear-mounted deals with could make even more feeling, yet alone, they aren’t extremely useful. I asked Wayne concerning this, and also he reacted that these deals with could be a style holdover from when there were front-mounted deals with on such amps, which the deals with likewise pay for some security to the back of the system.

Really Feel the Heat

I discussed previously that the huge heat-sinks that flank the sides of the INT-250 aren’t for program. I discovered that the amp appears finest after concerning 60 to 90 mins of heating up, and also then, those steel fins are releasing some severe warm (concerning 122 levels F, 50 levels C according to Wayne). Several of this warm is attributable to the amp being “biased” to run in Course A setting for its very first 15 watts. In Course A, the transistors are run activated constantly, despite having no music signal going through (in contrast to course A/B, where the outcome gadgets are activated and also off). As I created in my evaluation of the Luxman L-550 AX Mk II, “Where does that wattage go when there is no incoming signal? It is converted into heat, which is why Class A amps are sometimes referred to as “space heaters…” [But] due to the fact that well-executed Course A layouts do not need to use different design Band-Aids to make up for the distortions integral in geographies that transform the outcome gadgets on and also off (like Course A/B and also Course D.) Course A develops generate an especially wonderful, music audio.” As Wayne places it, “We like as much course A as the bundle can sustain, [so] that is primarily what drives it.” This ought to be especially real driving a sensibly effective tons like my recommendation Spatial Hologram M3 Turbo S’s. Allow’s see …

Paying Attention … and also Head Scratching

After providing the Pass Labs INT-250 concerning 100 hrs of burglary, I took a seat for some severe listening. Among the very first points I saw (and also in some way this isn’t unexpected) is that the INT-250 had an iron grasp on those M3’s, specifically in the bass and also sub-bass areas. It’s not a lot that the M3’s plumbed extraordinary midsts when driven by the Pass amp, yet instead that there was an existence and also strength to the reduced end that I had not rather listened to prior to. It existed in Tony Levin’s dramatically tweezed bass lines near the opening of Peter Gabriel’s Do not Surrender (from his So LP) and also in the roaring drum strikes that open up the Princess Mononoke movie soundtrack.

Past that, the pairing of the M3 and also the INT-250 was something of a head-scratcher. It’s not that they seemed poor with each other by any kind of stretch, yet I had not been wowed by the mix, either. As infamously tough as it is to place these sonic understandings right into words, I would certainly claim that the mix originally seemed a little bit “flat,” both in regards to spatial discussion as well as likewise a particular scarceness of tonal splendor. I missed out on the music magic dispensed by the mix of the M3’s and also my recommendation Vinnie Rossi LIO incorporated. Provided Pass Labs’ remarkable online reputation for generating awesome amplifiers, something, I assumed, need to be awry in my gear. What currently?

This brought about significant thinking. Possibly what I was (or had not been) hearing was an absence of speaker/amplifier harmony. Making use of a leviathan amp like the INT-250 to drive the 95- dB effective Spatial M3 Turbo S audio speakers in a medium-sized area (in a semi-nearfield seats setup, no much less) could be a situation of excessive, like stuffing a Ferrari engine right into a Mini Cooper. However, the resistance contour of the 4 Ohm Spatial M3 Turbo S is much from level, so I would certainly anticipate the INT-250 to tame it effortlessly. However perhaps, perhaps an additional audio speaker would certainly be extra to the Pass amp’s preference? Extra on that particular momentarily.

I likewise recognized that dropping the INT-250 right into my system and also enabling my experience with the LIO to tint my understandings of the brand-new amp was troublesome. I have actually been utilizing my LIO’s extremely great integrated DAC and also phono phase with high-resolution songs data, CD’s and also plastic. However the INT-250, needs outboard electronic and also phono assistance. I, consequently, needed to push my superb (yet maturing) Music Integrity M1 DAC and also M1 CDT transportation for electronic right into solution, together with my hand-built Bottlehead Temptation tube phono phase for LP’s. The Temptation is likewise excellent, yet rarely modern. I took into consideration obtaining a much better, more recent DAC and also phono preamp from a good friend, yet determined versus it because that would certainly present yet extra unknown elements right into the evaluative mix.

What concerning utilizing the LIO as a preamp and also the Pass as a power amp to make the contrast fairer? However, in this instance, the INT-250 does not use a means to bypass its preamp area.

Faulty (Carrera)

In order to check the theory that for one reason or another the Spatial’s and also the INT-250 weren’t playing well with each other, I called the ever-delightful John “Fritz” Heiler of Fritz Audio speakers, to see if I could obtain a set of his wonderful screens for contrast. Fritz Audio speakers is a one-man store that has, for several years, generated constantly listenable, seductively music audio speakers (screens, specifically) at real-world rates. The worth suggestion of all Fritz’s items is extremely high, including costs vehicle drivers from prominent producers like Scanspeak and also SEAS, easy-to-drive collection crossovers, and also well-founded, well-damped kitchen cabinetry. Gladly, Fritz had an evaluation set of his upper-end Carrera BE screens tarrying in Dallas and also behaved adequate to deliver them down the interstate to Austin for my usage. I examined the Carrera Rev 7 BE (so called as a result of their 7 inch Scanspeak Revelator mid-woofer and also beryllium tweeter) on my little audio blog site back in 2016, coupled with the Sound Keep In Mind Packages “Kit 1” 300 B COLLECTION amp I was running at that time. Although they made fantastic songs with each other, the 87 dB delicate Carrera BE’s appeared to desire even more juice than their cheaper brother or sister, the Fritz Carbon 7 SE that I would certainly examined previously. Therefore, I aspired to hear them with an amp that would conveniently provide greater than the called for grunt to drive them.

The Carrera BE’s in gorgeous candy striped ebony veneer (possibly the precise set I would certainly examined 4 years earlier?) were swiftly at my door and also set down atop some common, 24- inch stands (loaded with cat trash).

Exactly how did they appear linked to the Pass Labs INT-250? In brief, fantastic! Fritz’s Carbon 7 and also Carrera are recognized for generating a vast, tuneful reduced end that really feels amazingly disproportionate to their little dimension, yet the INT-250 had such a grasp on the Carreras that this high quality was much more otherworldly, as in (forgive the saying) “Where’s the subwoofer?”

The combination likewise made it possible for the Carrera 7 BE’s to acoustically go away right into a big, systematic soundstage, with that said trendy beryllium tweeter offering a wonderful, ventilated leading end that appears to expand for life up without a tip of cruelty. I can take place, yet you understand: The INT-250 made the Fritz Carreras sing like a bird and also drew out even more of their most gaining top qualities.

Returning to Spatial

Upon relocating the Fritz checks out of my gear and also recovering the Spatial M3 Turbo S’s to their previous placements, something strange occurred: whatever clicked and also seemed orders of size far better than it had prior to momentarily changing them with the Fritz screens. Had the Pass amp went across some wonderful burglary limit while linked to the Carrera’s? Did some refined distinction in positioning of the Spatial’s dial points in? What the hell was taking place?

One of the most sincere solution is, “I don’t know,” yet I do have a theory, and also it pertains to amplifier workout. As soon as the INT-250 is totally barged in, it is definitely necessary (possibly much more so with especially delicate audio speakers like the Spatial’s) that the amplifier be totally heated up prior to you do any kind of severe, deep listening. As I discussed previously, I think that when it comes to the INT-250, “fully warmed up” indicates powered on for at the very least a hr, 90 mins ideally. By that factor, the top surface areas of those huge, outside heatsinks will certainly be borderline as well warm to touch, and also the amp will certainly show up the type of midrange liquidity and also high-frequency sweet taste that you anticipate to learn through those very first 15 W of Course A benefits, paired with an effective, distinct control of the most affordable octaves.

Right here are some instances of what I listened to appearing of the Spatial M3 Turbo S’s when the INT-250 was banging on all 8 cyndrical tubes.

Highs were wonderful and also ventilated, and also private music lines within massed vocals were simple to pick. On the European, plastic pushing of Lorde’s launching cd, Pure Heroine (which trounces the CD variation, incidentally) the consistencies on the carolers of the mega-hit Royals awaited the air with creepy visibility, bathed in a cathedral-like workshop reverb.

If you like fantastic popular song the means I do, take a look at eighteen-year-old recording experience Billie Eilish. Her launching EP, Do not Grin at Me, showcases Eilish’s skill with subtlety and also wording, as does her multi-Grammy chosen follow-up cd, When Most of us Go to sleep, Where Do We Go? If you are mesmerized by her capacity to touch every syllable of a track, and also if you listen to, as I do, the virtually Terrific American Songbook, Tin Frying pan Street perceptiveness of most of her tunes (albeit instilled with manufactured, tasted, modern workshop hoax) you will not be amazed to find out that she matured paying attention to Frank Sinatra and also various other fantastic pop vocalists. That stated, the Pass Labs INT-250 and also Spatial M3 Turbo S drew out the very best in these thick, sonically testing tracks.

Take, for instance, Event Support from that launching EP. The track starts with the audio of a mobile phone ring tone, and also Eilish’s voice and also ukulele enhancement are intentionally far-off and also stifled to imitate a voicemail message, yet over a handful of steps, the voicemail impact goes out and also as even more instrumentation goes into, whatever enters into sharp emphasis and also blossoms, specifically in the happily shy, unpleasant carolers:

” As well as I dislike to do this to you on your birthday celebration

Pleased birthday celebration, incidentally.

It’s not you, it’s me, and also all that bullshit

You recognize that’s bullshit, do not you babe?

I’m not your celebration support …”

Eilish and also her coproducer and also cowriter bro, Fineas O’Connell, like multi-tracking her voice in big, very closely piled consistencies. The impact is stunning on Event Support, and also the INT-250 flawlessly catches the setup’s necessary mix of special and also power, showcasing not just the thick singing consistencies, yet likewise the roaring, below ground synth bass lines. The exact same kind of split choral consistencies decorate Sea Eyes and also numerous various other tunes from both cds. Captive and also I Love You, from the very first and also 2nd cds, specifically, are virtually unbearably gorgeous songs– enchanting, unfortunate and also greater than a little scary, simultaneously– and also the Pass Labs amp does a remarkable task bringing them to life.

The INT-250 was likewise a standout entertainer in the world of spatial discussion, consisting of both soundstage and also imaging. It had actually been a long time given that I would certainly paid attention to the 2011 LP reissue of XTC’s Beatle-esque standard, Skylarking. At the time of its recording, the band’s cd sales had actually tanked in The United States and Canada, and also their document tag provided them a final notice: generate an American to generate your following document, or you’re completed. The band selected Todd Rundgren to generate Skylarking, and also the outcome is a trippy, gorgeous ode to summer season and also sex-related awakening. Rundgren utilized a great deal of workshop magic to obtain the audios he desired, specifically on the very first couple of tracks. On the opener, Summertime’s Cauldron, the initial melodica tune is sprinkled with cricket sounds, humming pests, a barking pet, a tweeting bird and also various other nature audios. The INT-250 sprinkles these audios (and also the melodica itself) throughout the area, creating a breathtakingly large and also incredibly high soundstage that liquified the borders of my paying attention area as I presume Rundgren meant.

This slide show needs JavaScript.

Final Thought

The Pass Labs INT-250 is one hell of an audio part: effective, simple to establish and also make use of and also overbuilt like the typical storage tank. For my individual system, in my not-so-large paying attention room, it’s rather absolutely excessive. Actually, I would certainly like to listen to exactly how the 250’s more youthful brother or sister, the 60 Watt INT-60, or (much more excitedly) exactly how Pass Labs’ brand-new, 25 Watt, all Course A INT-25 would certainly appear in my residence gear. (I presume it would certainly be an awesome combination.) However if you have requiring audio speakers and/or a big paying attention area to fill up, and also you desire the “lifestyle simplicity” of an incorporated amp, the Pass INT-250 ought to most certainly get on your amplifier tryout shortlist.

To learn more, take a look at Pass Laboratories (we

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