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Pathan ‘s statement at the final, Murali Vijay’s 56-ball 127 and the Dark Phase: RR vs CSK rivalry

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Published : 4. May 2020 19:28:06


The Rajasthan Royals and the Chennai Super Kings met 22 times in IPL (File/Reuter).

Originally, the start of season 13 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was scheduled for 29th place. The month of March is planned. The spread of the Covid 19 virus has led to an unlimited delay with the possibility of eradicating it. So we know some of the best battles between franchises and excellence. The Rajasthan Royal Match (RR) – Chennai Super Kings (CSK) blockbuster was on the original schedule for 4th place. Mayday’s expected.

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Rajasthan Royal was the first team to win the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 under former Australian girl Shane Warne. Your opponent in the finals of this edition? C.S.K. But despite the initial stumble, Super Kings Chennai has raised the trophy three times over the years.

Head to head –

The two teams met 22 times, with the first meeting of the two parties taking place in 4 places. May 2008 at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur. With one exception, all matches have been played in the Indian Premier League and in 2014-2015 one match has been played in the Champions League of Twenty20, which is currently inactive.

CSK is ahead of PP with 14 victories in 14 of the 22 games.

Last IPL to remember

(Rajasthan Royal 164/7 beats Chennai Super Kings 163/5 with three wickets)

Yusuf Pathan took the biggest stage and took three doors before breaking Scintillation 56 to help Rajasthan, led by Shane Warn, film the thriller of the final battle.

The pursuit of 164 has never been easy and at the beginning was 42/3 on the scoreboard, which made the situation in Rajasthan even worse. But Race Cabin 65 between Patan and Shane Watson provided the impetus. Л. Balaji was the last to play and with three missing goals Sohail Tanveer scored a quick double before scoring the winning goal on the final ball.

Chennai outsmarted Rajasthan in a race.

(Chennai Super Kings 246/5 beats Rajasthan Royals 223/5 in 23 matches)

Murali Vijay delivered one of the most devastating innings of the T20 cricket to the belter. His goal of 56 yards 127 was scored with 11 sixes and 8 fours and led CSKA to the highest score of the IPL.

Vijay’s tapping wasn’t as careless as he used the wrinkles effectively. His most productive shot was the look on his leg, which earned him 42 runs. Despite the fact that Naman Oja is 94 years old, the hunt in Rajasthan has gone crazy. Still, 469 runs were played with 40 overs.


(The Chennai Super Kings 186/5 beat the Rajasthan Royals 185/4 with five wickets).

The first 100 of Shane Watson’s 2013 IPL were lost as the Super Kings of Chennai pursued the goal of Royal Rajasthan 186. His 101 bullets of 61 were a bloody total murder that started when he shot Mohit Sharma in the head for the third time in six shots.

However, Hassie (88) and Raina (51) stole the game from the Royal.


After a points scandal struck the IPL in 2013, a committee appointed by the RM Lodha High Court suspended the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals for two years because they had brought the game to a bad reputation.

The group of three persons also banned key officials Chennai and Rajasthan Gurunath Mayyappan and Raj Kundra for life respectively from cricket-related activities.

Srisant and his former Rajasthan teammate, Royals Ankit Chavan, Ajit Chandila, were also expelled from the BCCI for life after they were arrested in May 2013 on suspicion of taking money to waive a minimum jogging requirement.

Last year, the Supreme Court lifted Mr Srisant’s lifelong ban and asked the BCCI to make a new decision on the amount of the fine imposed on him within three months.

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