Perhaps Sahil Samuel is the Indian rising performer of the decade!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 24: The stylish performer Sahil Samuel has effortlessly garnered the title ‘Freddie Mercury of India’ for his voguish appearance on stage. He is prominent for devouring any platform being offered to leave the listeners thrilled and wanting more. The celebutante of the Independent Music Industry in India advises, “Do not start with the pace to race and also be an artist to manifest, not to parade!”

Born on the 23rd of February 1993 and presently residing in Chandigarh, the artist who would prefer to see himself as a performer rather than a singer is the frontman and the founder of the Naalayak band that is Chandigarh-West DeIhi based. Naalayak band consists of the front man – Sahil Samuel, the lead guitarist – Akshatt Kakar, the bass guitarist – Aashish Kalanta, and Garry Singh Arora- the drummer.

The young Sahil was born to a middle-class family where his parents already had his life mapped out. Despite the averse Of his parents to his aspiration, Sahil did not relinquish. Rather, discovering that he had a passion for music, Sahil started writing songs. Seems too good to be true but this talented writer has already devised over 300 plus songs since 2016. He earned his first club gig in 2014, which landed him to be the vocalist of a well-known band “Swastik” and in the following year, he began his search for the Sahil Samuel Project. Accordingly, the Naalayak band was thus formed in 2015.

The performer Sahil regards himself as fortunate for being gifted and blessed. From the songs that he has composed so far as mentioned above, some have been released in the EP ‘Naalayak’ with the album name “Main Ka Bukhar” in 2018 with his band. In addition, out of the five songs that will be included in the 2nd album “Hindi Gaane” two have been released and the remaining three songs will also be released soon. After which, the release of 3rd album being scheduled is also all set to be placed on the table. ‘Bawra,’ ‘Haan Pyaar Hain,’ ‘Dil-aeRam,’ ‘Mustafa,’ ‘Nasamajh; and recently added ‘Zakir’ are some of the songs that have left people mesmerised. Dejected as everyone is feeling around the world, with the Covid-19 leaving the  Pandora box opened disrupting the preplanned scheme, things have not been going steady, leaving everything on a hiatus.

Samuel’s music is weaved with Urdu and Hindi words that vigorously speak loud and captivates the listeners. Such inventiveness of the words he produces is also seemed to be influenced by artists such as Atif Aslam, Raghu Dixit, Lucky Ali. Axel Rose, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury are the animators for his stage presence.

Apart from platform life, he is a pet lover – He is quite fond of his pets and is often seen posting their pictures and videos on social media. The young star has a rather gullible and friendly personality. P.S. He is a practical joker!

The icon’s folk wisdom “Fame (show off) is like cancer. If you detect it in time you will be cured and shine for long (history), But if you don’t fix it, you will be done very soon.” He adds, “Being a musician is like walking on thin ice, It ain’t no bed Of roses! So, if you’re determined, strive hard and do not let anyone tell you, ‘You cannot’ Rather, prove them wrong with your hard work.”

Delightful and fascinating Sahil with the visual envisions Naalayak with multiple albums being released in the coming years wishes to go on a world tour. Jubilant to be an Indian Independent artist and performer band, Naalayak anticipates envisaging to broaden their appreciating listeners worldwide.