Skoodos Launches Android and iOS App for a Hassle-Free School Selection Process

Parents and students can now find the best of schools on the go through their smartphones

New Delhi (India), October 13: In a new announcement, Skoodos, an all-in-one school search aggregator, has launched a mobile app that aids parents with finding, rating, and comparing schools. As a result of the launch of the mobile app, Skoodos hopes to simplify the admissions process and offer parents and students a hassle-free experience while on the go. In a nutshell, Skoodos aims to bridge the gap between the schools and the students by ensuring that the best educational institutions can reach deserving students and vice versa.

The program, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, provides users with the ability to select, shortlist, and compare schools using their phones, no matter where they live or how much time they have on their hands. In just a few clicks, prospective students will have the ability to gather school brochures and other important information for each school; this will eliminate the stress of gathering information separately for each school.

As a part of the launch, Shruti Verma, Co-founder Skoodos, said, “For parents, especially working couples, the Skoodos mobile app will make school search and admissions more accessible and smoother. We feel that selecting the ideal school for your child is both a crucial and tedious task. Subsequently, we focus all of our efforts on shortening the process and offering verifiable information via an easy-to-use interface/app.”

Students and parents can make an informed choice with Skoodos mobile app, which utilizes categories to filter results such as affiliation, admissions process, tuition fee structure, and distance from selected residence, course offerings, extracurricular activities, awards, and website information. The app is available for download on the Google Play store and is free of cost.

Skoodos aims to change perceptions of access to education is in our country, especially for children in India. Its mission is to ensure a bright future through their choice of school.

Many parents find it challenging to choose the right school for their children. The task can be daunting and frustrating. With thousands of available options, it becomes confusing for parents and students to find the ideal options for their careers. Therefore, they need to have the appropriate assistance during this stage. Hence, Skoodos provide and help parents make the right choice by guiding them to the best schools for their kids.

Several college and school search websites allow you to save a list of favourites, but Skoodos goes a step further. The Skoodos platform enables you to compare schools by using any combination of variables. One can use the relevant information and data to compare schools in a way that makes sense for you. It focuses on being productive instead of being busy and believes in achieving the target effectively with coordinated efforts and strategic planning within a set time frame.

Educating a kid is a task that is quite cumbersome for parents. Skoodos believes that finding the right school for the kids is crucial, so it plans to make it as simple as possible.

The app presents parents with specially curated schools that have been verified by a team of experts who judge a school based on a variety of factors and make sure they are only presented with the best schools. Skoodos categorizes the desired schools into categories, along with relevant filters like board and affiliation. The entire process helps parents to make an informed decision regarding the schools.

The association now spans over ten states that include metropolitan cities such as Gurugram, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida, Nashik, Pune, Mumbai, and Bahadurgarh.

About Skoodos- is an online portal where families and students can search, review, and compare schools in their city with other cities to make the admissions process smoother. The platform serves as a means of digital communication between schools and parents, and they are available nationwide. works through a verified list of schools curated by a team of experts, who categorize information on the school’s affiliation, admission process and fee structure, distance from the selected area of residence, courses offered, extracurricular activities, awards and accolades, website, contact details, and others.