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State Releases New Guide for More Industries to Reopen •

SUN LUIS OBISPO – The 5th of June, the state health authorities only announced a new drug for the first time on Friday, June 12. June, released a new guide to the recovery of several economic sectors. Dr. Penny Borenstein, District Health Inspector, reviewed every policy document and approved the reopening of these additional industries.

says the new leadership of the state:

  • Everywhere in the state: schools; kindergartens (updated); day camps; casinos run by sovereign indigenous peoples; production of entertainment programs (music, film and television); and professional sports without a live audience.
  • Counties with a difference: Campsites, mobile home parks and open-air recreational areas; hotels, accommodation and short-term rentals; map rooms, satellite facilities and racecourses; family amusement centres and cinemas; restaurants, bars and wine cellars; museums, galleries, zoos and aquariums; fitness clubs.

As residence rules change, companies must take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Key business practices include maximum physical removal, use of facial coverage by employees and customers, frequent hand washing, regular cleaning and disinfection, and employee training on the KOVID-19 Prevention Plan.

Companies planning to start their activities on or after the 12th day of the year. Anyone wishing to proceed on 1 June must revise government guidelines, carry out risk analyses and complete the self-certification form available on Emergencyslo.org/Re-opening.

The county wants to move forward and reopen our communities. I reviewed the government’s directions and our latest local data before approving the resumption of work in these areas, Dr. Borenstein said. The County Health Department and the California Department of Health will continue to monitor local indicators.

At present, the state continues to hinder foreign tourism. Organized sports involving physical contact, such as basketball, baseball, football and soccer, are currently prohibited by the state, as are playgrounds, water parks, saunas, steam baths and spas.

Special working hours are recommended in fitness centres and other facilities for the elderly and medically vulnerable groups. The district prohibits closed group fitness activities and will revise this manual in three weeks.

KOVID-19 and sector-specific updates can be found on ReadySLO.org. From Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., you can use the services of a staffed call centre at 805-543-2444 to clarify questions about KOVID-19.

SAN LOUIS OBISPO – El viernes 5 de junio, los funcionarios de salud estatales emitieron una nueva guía para paraieos sectores empresariales reabranes no antes de este viernes 12 de junio Dr. Penny Borenstein, responsible for the official reception of Condado, again addressed documents on the direction and recovery of the industry in various sectors.

La nueva guía del estado aborda:

  • Throughout the project: Escullias; fiction (in progress); campuses in cities; opera casinos where the fate of tribes is soberly discussed; entertainment programs (music, film and television); and deportations from the country as a result of sound recordings in the wilderness.
  • Condados con variaciones : Campamentos, leisure and relaxation parks for the musculoskeletal system; hotels, alochamies and other hotels in the square; lounges, riding stables and restaurants; restaurants, bars and wine cellars; museums, galleries, zoology and aquariums; gymnasiums.

Medica que il modifican de permanencia medica in a cigarette, esencial is that the empire is the same as the medica needed to guarantee the warranty of the trabajador and the customer. If the claws show a physical deviation from the mayor’s medication plan and in the case of dice and customers, this means that they are free of disease, lameness and periodic disease disinfection, as well as the possibility to observe the implementation of the VIDOC prevention plan19. Because it is now the intention to work with the 12. June and then review the medical history, review the status and fill out the autocertificate on Emergencyslo.org/reopening.

The Condado is compromised to move forward and rebuild our community. View the documents to familiarize yourself with the current state of affairs and information about their actual location and the state of affairs in the industrial sector, Dr. Borenstein. The California Ministry of Salute Condado and the California Ministry of Poblik continuously monitor the local data.

At this point, on this continent, it can be said that it is in the making. In case of evacuation, contacts are organized, which can be related to a cylinder, baseball, futurism, etc.; parks for small children, parks for acoustics, saunas, baths and thermal baths.

This document recommends, if necessary, developing specific scenarios for people suffering from potentially sensitive diseases and disorders. El Condado no permite las clases de acondicionamiento físico grupal en interiores y revaluará esta guía en tres semanas

For information on the current status of KOVID-19 industrial reactor recycling, visit ReadySLO.org. The personal conference call, 805-543-2444, is undoubtedly an event in the world of the moons, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in front of the auditorium in preparation for the relaxation of KOVID-19.

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