Tech Summit in Punjab Highlights 82 Percent Increase in AI Job Opportunities Linked to Digital Marketing

Tech Summit in Punjab Highlights 82 Percent Increase in AI Job Opportunities Linked to Digital Marketing

Mohali (Punjab) [India], June 28: In a landmark event that brought together over 100 entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, the AI Mastery Summit Workshop shed new light on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in business. The summit, held on June 21, was led by Nipun Syal, a prominent AI automation marketing specialist and serial entrepreneur.

Key Highlights of the Workshop:

• AI Boosts Job Market: Contrary to popular belief, AI has increased employment opportunities in India by 12%, according to recent industry reports.

Launch of Funnelz AI: Mr. Nipun introduced his latest venture, an all-in-one AI software designed to revolutionise digital marketing and business operations by creating AI sales funnels to drive business on Autopilot mode

• Global Opportunities: Strategies for securing international clients were unveiled, opening new avenues for Indian entrepreneurs in the global market.

“Artificial Intelligence is not a job taker… it is a giver,” stated Mr. Nipun Syal, addressing the crowd. He emphasised the critical need for continuous skill development among youth, enabling them to launch low-investment startups and tap into international revenue streams.

The summit covered three primary areas of focus:

1. International Client Acquisition

2. AI-Powered Business Solutions

3. Scaling Strategies for SMEs

Mr. Nipun Syal, the founder of Funnelz AI and three other successful ventures—Botzphere, Eduzphere, and Struczphere Consultants—shared insights from his extensive experience. His collaborations with international celebrities like Koko Hyashi, the official Yoga Trainer of Kim Kardashian, and Ahee Music producers played at Tomorrowland, and ranking among the top 3% of global talent on platforms like Upwork lent weight to his teachings.

Industry Trends:

Recent data reveals a surge in AI-related job opportunities across India:

• 82% increase in machine learning engineer roles

• 20% rise in full-stack data scientist positions

56% increase in Ai Digital Marketers positions

“AI upgradation is creating more jobs than it’s displacing,” Mr. Nipun noted. “It’s crucial for professionals to adapt and upskill to remain competitive in this evolving landscape.”

He further adds, “AI won’t take your job, the person who uses AI will.”

Future of AI:

The AI Mastery Summit marks a prominent step in preparing India’s workforce for the AI-driven future. As the country continues to emerge as a global tech hub, events like these play a crucial role in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

His ambitious goal to automate 500+ companies by 2025 using AI-powered funnels signals a new era of business efficiency and growth potential for Indian SMEs

About Funnelz AI

Founded in 2022 in Mohali, Funnelz AI is at the forefront of digital marketing technology, providing innovative solutions to optimise online business processes. The platform combines artificial intelligence with practical marketing tools, such as HubSpot, Calendly, Active Campaign, Zapier, MailChimp, etc., to facilitate seamless interactions between businesses and their clients. By integrating functions like marketing automation, email and SMS marketing, and AI chatbots, Funnelz AI is dedicated to transforming the digital arena for its users, ensuring efficiency and scalability in their business ventures.

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