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The real hostess, Loni Love, will publish her new memoirs at the end of this month, which I tried to change so you don’t have to, and in the book she talks about her first experience with the criminal justice system. Love shows that in the nineties, when she went to university, she was stopped by a white policeman for a soda.

Love grew up in Detroit, and she described her childhood as an enveloping darkness, and she never had anything to do with the police. But when she moved to Texas for college, things were very different.

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– Loni Love (@LoniLove) 11. June 2020

The presenter of the talk show said that she worked as a cashier then, and one evening after work she went dancing with her friend Keisha. On the way back to campus they stayed in a Mexican restaurant, and Love tells us that when Keisha paid for the meal, she was arrested by a police officer and handcuffed.

When Love asked the officer what was going on, he told him that Keisha had been accused of filling a free glass of water with soda. When Love tried to intervene, she said the policeman arrested her for trespassing.

You two bitches are going to jail, the officer says by the book of Love. Now shut up before I shut it for you.

Love told People magazine that the officer handcuffed her and that it was his knowledge of the criminal justice system. She said stealing soda is a petty theft, which is a felony. But burglary is a felony, which means he and Keisha were separated when they were taken to prison.

Love writes that she’s locked up with all the killers, the criminals. That night, one of his cell mates was a woman with a cleft lip who was beaten by the police during a break for speeding. Another cellmate of Love is a pregnant woman who shot her father in the leg in self-defense after he threatened to blow his head off.

The sister of the Women’s Love Society paid a down payment for her before she was transferred to the central booking office so she could take care of the situation. But it cost her every dollar she’d get at the trial.

Fortunately, I was able to find out, get a probationary period and have it removed from my file, but without the grace of God, I could have suffered. It taught me a lot, love said. It cost me all my savings, all because of such a stupid thing. And you could say she put a soda in a glass of water, but that was because we were two black girls. We know that if it were two white girls, [the policeman] would say: Don’t do that.

After this experience, Loni Love began to study the criminal justice system and noticed a bias against colored people, especially black men. Love says it all has to do with why she chose to participate in a talk show, because she wanted these issues to be the focus of attention.

Love says that talking about the injustices in our country and showing them on daily talk shows can help everyone to know them. She says someone has struggled to be a published author and it is her duty to fight for the next generation.


I tried to get dressed for the 23rd. I don’t want June going to the bookstores anymore.


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The Real’s Loni Love Opens About Time A White Cop Arrested Her Over A Soda

The real hostess, Loni Love, will publish her new memoirs at the end of this month, which I tried to change so you don’t...

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