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“There is no Bulgarian minority in Albania, Bulgaria does not abuse EU membership for blacks” (VIDEO)

Bulgaria not to make use of EU subscription, as well as Albania not to surrender, claimed at a plenary session of the Parliament in Tirana Vasil Sterjovski, MP from the only Macedonian patriot in our western next-door neighbor – Macedonian Partnership for European Assimilation (MAEI), sharing his assistance for Macedonia. area in Albania, which has for the previous years been encountering what he referred to as an expanding pattern as well as proceeded initiatives by the Bulgarian authorities to absorb the Macedonian minority.

Sterjovski ' s address is as complies with:

Identified Participants of Parliament. In support of the event standing for the Macedonians in Albania – Macedonian Partnership for European Assimilation, I want to elevate below, before the general public, the problems of the Macedonian area in Albania, which has actually encountered boosting fads as well as proceeded initiatives by the Bulgarian authorities to absorb in the last few years. our minority. 2 years ago our nation embraced the Legislation on Defense of Minority Legal Rights in the Republic of Albania. Although the costs of the Ministry of Europe as well as Foreign Matters to the Parliament keeps in mind the presence of 8 nationwide minorities (Greeks, Macedonians, Vlachs, Serbs, Montenegrins, Bosniaks, Roma as well as Egyptians), at the last minute, our nation caught Bulgaria ' s stress. with blackmail for a European Union veto, as well as the regulation indicates acknowledgment of a non-existent Bulgarian minority in Albania.

And After That, as the Macedonian area in Albania, we highly opposed that we protested the rejection of the legal rights as well as flexibilities of everyone, team of people or area, however in this instance it is not a Bulgarian minority! There is no such minority in Albania! We have actually shown as well as validated that the presence of the Macedonian minority remains in presence which the acknowledgment of the Bulgarian minority suggests genocide for the Macedonians in Albania. At the exact same time, we have actually shown that Bulgaria will certainly abuse its subscription of the European Union in order to strengthen the previously mentioned objective: Absorbing the Macedonian area in Albania as well as developing a non-existent Bulgarian area. The regulation does not state where this minority resides in Albania, however Bulgaria, mentioning the regulation, has actually routed its publicity to the areas where the native Macedonian minority typically lives in Albania: in the Prespa, Golo Brdo as well as Gora areas, in addition to in the town of Vrbnik. Devol area.

In Albania, according to all historic truths as well as demographics performed throughout the years, consisting of the last demographics of 2011, in the locations of Prespa, Golo Brdo, Gora as well as Vrbnik, where Bulgaria is “seeking” a Bulgarian minority, there is a self-proclaimed Macedonian minority having it Mythology, practice as well as language like the Macedonian individuals in its entirety in all Balkan nations, resides in portable locations on the boundary with Macedonia as well as has a territorial connection with the state of Macedonia, has absolutely nothing to do with Bulgaria! This Bulgarian publicity amongst the Macedonians in Albania coincides as in the Balkan Battles as well as the Bulgarian line of work in the First Globe Battle, when according to historic truths, the Bulgarian military has actually devoted wrongs as well as rapes, particularly versus the Macedonians of Islamic confidence living in the locations of Gora as well as Golo Brno. And also what is the distinction today, from the historic reality of Bulgarian wrongs versus Macedonians 100 years ago?

Bulgaria today aggresses, selects no ways to absorb Macedonians in Albania! Identified MPs, after the declared “recognition” of a Bulgarian minority, Sofia ' s extensive project to negate as well as absorb the Macedonian minority in Albania has actually started. Free regular monthly tours to Bulgaria for youngsters from Gora, Golo Brdo, Prespa as well as Vrbnik are arranged each month. Scholarships are offered complimentary research at Bulgarian colleges, in addition to postgraduate as well as doctoral scholarships. The Bulgarian Consular office types organizations, moneying different jobs in locations where typically Macedonians reside in Albania. Among the procedures to develop a fabricated Bulgarian minority in Albania, which Bulgaria executes, benefiting from the inadequate financial circumstance of the Macedonian minority in Albania as well as the Albanian people with each other, is the giving of Bulgarian tickets to all Albanian people.

Macedonians as well as Albanians pay hundreds of euros to be able to obtain a Bulgarian ticket as well as most likely to operate in the West, making use of the opportunities of EU participant states. This is a service worth numerous euros, running not just in Albania, however in lots of non-EU nations such as Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova as well as others. In Bulgaria also, process have actually been started by the Bulgarian District Attorney ' s Workplace for Bulgarian authorities associated with business of Bulgarian tickets. Certainly, this organisation with Bulgarian tickets is an issue for Bulgaria as well as the European Union. When our nation comes to be a participant of the European Union, I think that all these efforts of Bulgarian publicity will certainly come under the water, ruptured like a soap bubble! After that no Albanian person will certainly pay Sofia fictitiously by proclaiming Bulgaria as a problem for a Bulgarian ticket to get to the marketplaces as well as opportunities of the European Union. This Bulgarian publicity is particularly increased on the eve of the upcoming demographics to be performed in October this year, in order to validate Bulgaria ' s hostile plan as well as the cash it invests in showing a Bulgarian minority in Albania.

Albania have to honestly claim that Sofia ' s tries to absorb Macedonians in Albania as Bulgarians are bad neighborly, however an open attack on Albania ' s sovereignty as well as territorial stability is a gross disturbance of Bulgaria in Albania ' s inner events! The aggressiveness versus the Macedonian area in Albania by anybody from outdoors is not just aggressiveness versus the Macedonians, it is aggressiveness versus the Albanian culture in its entirety! We are with each other in the growth of Albania, however with each other we have to remain in the protection of every component of Albanian culture! I take this chance to notify the Albanian Federal government, Parliament as well as the general public that recently, while checking out a 100% Macedonian inhabited town of Pustec, he was the Bulgarian ambassador to Tirana, that met regional authorities in the Pustec town. At the fulfilling the Bulgarian ambassador asked for from the regional authorities in the institutions in the town of Pustec, where today the mentor is performed according to the regulation in Macedonian as well as Albanian language to show Bulgarian too. Certainly, he obtained adverse responses from regional authorities in the town of Pustec as well as the regional Macedonian populace, as Macedonians have no rate of interest in finding out the Bulgarian language.

Macedonians in Albania have no rate of interest in finding out Bulgarian, due to the fact that their native tongue is Macedonian, due to the fact that they are mainly Albanian people, they are Macedonians of beginning. The Bulgarian ambassador has actually guaranteed that Bulgaria will certainly contribute computer systems for the college if the Bulgarian language is presented. He was likewise thinking about the outcomes of the pilot demographics kept in some towns in the town of Pustec in October 2019 by the Albanian Institute of Stats, to which he obtained a reply that the town of Pustec was exempt for this demographics, that it was job of the Albanian Institute of Stats. The Albanian Institute of Stats performed a pilot demographics in one component of Albania, consisting of the town of Pustec. The outcomes of this pilot demographics, which likewise covered the town of Pustec, were most likely not according to Bulgaria ' s assumptions, as well as this is why the Bulgarian ambassador ' s outright disturbance in Albania ' s inner events.

Identified Participants of Parliament, We contact the Albanian Federal government as well as the appropriate ministries as well as authorities, in addition to the global area in our nation, to react to these tasks by the Bulgarian Ambassador as well as main Sofia, in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations as well as Internal Matters. operate in the Republic of Albania. We advise Albania to buy the growth of areas where Macedonians live, as they are the poorest areas in Albania, overlooked for the past 30 years, to enhance living as well as working problems. As a state as well as culture, we have to not permit, as a result of destitution, our fellow-countrymans to end up being sufferers of Bulgaria ' s tries to reject as well as absorb. We interest the Albanian establishments not to catch push from Bulgaria, which as a participant of the European Union applies stress, blackmail as well as hazards with the Bulgarian veto. We interest the Albanian establishments to adhere to the Bulgarian efforts to synthetically develop a non-existent Bulgarian minority in Albania!

We especially advise the Albanian Institute of Stats, which the federal government in Sofia can likewise provide cash, to pay authorities to pay a portion of Bulgarians in Albania. Identified Participants of Parliament, currently one could question why the Parliament of the Republic of Albania ought to respond to this gross disturbance of Sofia in the inner events of our nation in the Bulgarian efforts to absorb the Macedonian minority in Albania. However I guarantee you that by acting Albanian establishments will certainly not just aid us Macedonians, however will certainly aid the Republic of Albania in the future due to the fact that: The production of a non-existent as well as synthetic Bulgarian minority in Prespa, Gora as well as Golo Brdo as well as Vrbnik suggests bringing the Russian installment to Greater Bulgaria as well as Albania.

VIDEO CLIP: Sterjovski/ Facebook
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