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UFC figher Paige VanZant’s Autobiagraphy, Reveals about her gang rape and how she recovered

UFC fighter Paige Wanzant openly stated in her autobiography that she was raped in a group by high school students when she was only 14 years old.

She courageously revealed this sexual invasion in her autobiography – Rise: To survive the struggle of my life. This book also shows different aspects and struggles in the life of a woman killer.


The 24-year-old martial arts teacher reported that the student who attacked her had disseminated the information that the sex was consensual. She said she was harassed after the rape, but she became more abrupt when the rumors started.

She was born Paige Sluts, but changed her title after the students started calling her Paige Sluts. Rumours circulated at school that she had slept with four men on the same evening, which led her to officially change her name to Paige VanZant.

Paige VanZant recently appeared in the media with her rough pictures of her husband on Instagram during the quarantine period. She’s one of the most respected UFC fighters in the world. She’s also a remarkable face on a reality show. She won second place in the American version of Strictly Come Dancing and first place in the reality show on American television. Paige also has a huge fan base with 2.4 million Instagram subscribers.


Paige said at the book launch… I want to publish this book because I prefer anti-resin mentality. She also stated that the most difficult aspect for her was the torturers, who actually let her sink deeper. Paige also illustrated a suicide attempt in the book and said that the terrible events of Halloween 2008 forced her to swallow a full bottle of drugs.

Paige Wanzant speaks at the book presentation: Just so I can say it once: I said exactly what I wanted to say to the man, they wrote it down and then I never have to look at it again, Wansant said. So I’m the one who said everything that happened and just brought it out without ever having to see him again. It’s one of those things where I tell the story and move on.

The UFC fighter is currently spending her free time with her husband Austin Vanderford in his forties. The incident is far behind us.

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