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Volti Audio Rival, Revisited | Review

The Volti Audio Rival, Type 1, at AXPONA 2018

The Volti Sound Competing, Kind 1, at AXPONA 2018

A day with Volti

Numerous years earlier, I got distribution of a set of pleasantly enjoyable speakers, the Volti Sound Competing. Because that pleased day, the Competitors have actually remained in hefty turning in my key stereo below at chez moi. That’s type of a weird point to claim, concern think of it, and also stating that I have a set of enormous speakers “in rotation” suggests that I have lots of such. Which is practically the instance. Truthfully, I’m not specifically certain just how it occurred, however it did, and also I’m actually uncertain what to do regarding it. On the bonus side, it indicates I have a great deal of points to contrast. Beyond, my residence might quickly be misinterpreted for the burrow of some type of audio fetishist. Cough. Anyhow. I assumed it time to review these individuals.

My first-take on the Competitors never ever in fact strike the internet site, which is one more anomaly. Rather, that “mini-review” struck the Part-Time Audiophile E-newsletter. I believe it makes good sense to bring that out below, currently, in a somewhat enhanced type. Component II, below, will certainly take it from there and also bring points approximately below.


The Volti Audio Rival, Type 2, at AXPONA 2019

The Volti Sound Competing, Kind 2, at AXPONA 2019

Component I: Exists a “right” audio speaker? Some ideas on the Volti Competing

Initially published on The Occasional E-newsletter, November 2017

The amount of of you have a long-lasting deal with discovering the “right” audio speaker?

I have actually been searching for years. I assumed I would certainly located happiness with a set of Symbol Witch doctor. After that, perhaps some Merlin VSM-Masters. After that, Magnepan 3.7 s. After that, some Hørning Eufrodites. After that, some Tidal Contriva Diaceras.

At the time I got them, each of these audio speaker systems was splendid. Each would certainly have pleased me. Must have, probably. Every one brought me closer to what I fantasized my stereo might or must be.

However I need to admit: I might have been misleading myself the whole time. I might not be a single-system type of individual. As a customer, I such as to believe that this is fine. That my “collecting” is completely warranted. You recognize. Due to the fact that they’re devices and also I’m functioning. Yeah.

As Well As this is why I have the complying with audio speakers: Quad 67 s carefully recovered by E-Stat Solutions (pointed out below), DeVore Integrity Gibbon X (evaluated below), Living Voice OBX-RW3 (reviewed below, and also evaluated in the upcoming Occasional Publication), and also Tidal Sound Piano G2 Diaceras (revealed below however not yet evaluated) … and also I make certain I’m neglecting some. Every one of these audio speakers are epic-class, and also I am quite rapt with what I can do with each.

As well as this absolutely clarifies why I currently have a set of Volti Sound Competitors.


Volti Audio Rival, with Ludwig

The Competitors have actually been checked out rather extensively by Ken Micallef (currently of Stereophile), and also I’m uncertain what I need to claim past what Ken currently provided, however I’ll attempt and also do that currently.

The Competing is a full-range horn audio speaker that is reasonably simple to drive. It appears to match strangely well with my P20 amplifier from Boundary Patrol Electronic devices and also wire-loom from Triode Cable Labs. The noise is lush however not lavish, fulsome however not loosened, comprehensive however not logical. They are vibrant. They load a strike. They’re fascinating to pay attention to. As well as the surface is amazing (I obtained a highly-figured bosse cedar with a light tan grill towel, and also the combination is simply charming).

So, why did that occur? Existed some space that those various other audio speakers could not go across? The response is, I believe,“no” Or instead,“not quite” The Competing does do something various– the convenience at low-volumes is something that’s simple to listen to and also challenging to explain. And afterwards, there’s that feeling of bang and also turn that horns simply appear to do so easily. That actually is addictive.

However the Quads have an openness that’s withdrawn. The Tidals are, probably, the best hi-fi audio speaker that has actually ever before been made– from fit and also surface to the total noise, there’s fairly merely nothing else audio speaker that has actually handled to connect both audiophile extremes (tone vs information) fairly so beautifully. The DeVore’s are one of the most “full-range” audio speaker I have actually had internal because the Hørnings, however are significantly much easier to make audio impressive. The Living Voice audio speakers have the best-sounding midrange I have actually ever before listened to, bar none.

Contrasted to these, the Competitors are unabashedly tone-speakers. You can tune them a little bit, with the flexible crossover that comes through the back panel. I drew the audio speakers regarding as much apart as I could, and also allow ’em tear. You can pay attention to them all the time, on a daily basis, with any type of sort of songs and also the noise will certainly be distractingly wonderful. Heck, you could also be attracted to pay attention to songs rather than paying attention to the noises that your stereo plays. Well, one can really hope.

They’re not as clear as the Quads. They’re not as direct as the Tidals. They’re not as expanded as the DeVores. As well as the midrange is not fairly as in-your-lap as the Living Voice. However– so what? The Volti’s play deafeningly loud. They play silent, as well. As well as the swing from silent to deafening noises actual. As well as the Competitors do so a lot so ideal that it was ridiculously difficult to claim no to them. So I really did not. Which’s just how we reached currently.

I actually do not recognize what I’m mosting likely to finish with all these audio speakers other than appreciate them– I remain in the procedure of dispersing them around your home. Audio speakers, almost everywhere!

The Competitors begin at $8,000/ set. End up and also grills are additional, however I believe they deserve it. My set evaluate at $11,900 The appearance is pure vintage, and also indeed, if you’re a Klipsch follower, you might see some Cornwall DNA therein, however think me, your Papa’s Klipschs never ever seemed like this. This audio speaker is an antique, and also my 10- year-old youngsters have currently Rochambeaud over them (my child won, however she rips off). In the meanwhile, I’m gon na continue enjoying them.

Type 1 Rival, with an alternative finish to cabinet

Component II: Volti Sound Competing, Revisited

Well, below we are, 3 years later on. If anything, my “problem” has actually worsened. I currently have a set of KEF LS50 W audio speakers– outstanding for their adaptability, and also I absolutely can see those entering any type of type of space-constrained workplace– and also I really just recently got a set of Harbeth 40.2 Wedding anniversary Version speakers (evaluation upcoming … eventually), which I like for their immediacy, their near-field adaptability, and also their deep bass effect.

Yes, I have problems. This is understood.

As well as I additionally still have those Volti Sound Competing speakers. As well as I still like them.

What do I like regarding them? They’re enjoyable. This is something that developer Greg Roberts has actually been making a large bargain of for practically as lengthy as he’s been making audio speakers– there is something regarding a horn audio speaker that is various than a traditional audio speaker, and also various from a panel audio speaker. What I imply is this– with a lot of my audio speakers, I pay attention to function. That is, they’re outstanding, they do particular points actually, actually well, and also it’s actually delightful to make use of those audio speakers. Vocals with a Living Voice audio speaker? Eerie. Information from a Quad, or a Tidal? Impressive. Comprehensibility from a Harbeth? Fascinating.

However songs with a Volti? That’s simply enjoyable. As well as I imply it such as this:

One Of The Most Fascinating Male on the planet, David Solomon ( Brian Seeker talked to David on The Periodic Podcast last month, you can examine that out below), aimed me at a collection of “audiophile quality” playlists of Qobuz, and also while trying to construct my very own, the 2018 remaster of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” appeared. As well as when it appeared, so did I. Actually.

Type 1, full veneer, on the Volti Audio Rival

Kind 1, complete veneer, on the Volti Sound Competing

Often, when every little thing simply clicks in your sound arrangement, it resembles being struck with a blowgun dart dipped in curare. The power of the recreation playing out in front of you is so relocating, so frustrating, so persuading, that your electric motor cortex misfires, and also up until the minute passes, you’re iced up in position, practically junk food for passing beasts. That’s rather outstanding. Not the snackfood component, that’s not trendy, I imply the audio-paralysis impact. People speak about “hair raising” or “total immersion” as one more statistics for this sort of experience.

Often, nonetheless, when every little thing simply clicks, you quit understanding the hitting, or knowledgeable about anything, actually, and also to heck with those pesky peckish passing beasts! Your electric motor cortex all of a sudden terminates and afterwards you’re up. Dance. Or whatever it is that your specific brand name of semi-synchronized seizure-thrashing could appear like.

The Competing does this last point– it makes me relocate. Much better: the Competing is an engine for activity. If I occur to place something contagious on– like Contaminated Mushroom, claim, or that David Bowie track– and also bam, I’m up and also relocating. Which’s greater than a little weird. You recognize, due to the fact that I’m old and also can not actually dance– not that anybody ought to be dancing to Contaminated Mushroom– however the factor is, this is speaker adrenaline. Any type of hope of multitasking throughout playback is merely gone.

The noise is concentrated, for absence of a far better word. That is, you can listen to really deeply right into your recordings with these audio speakers. I have actually usually combined them with tube electronic devices from Boundary Patrol Electronic Devices, partially due to the fact that Greg Roberts does this at sound programs, and also partially due to the fact that I like BP tube amps. I additionally make use of Triode Cable Labs cords in this system, partially due to the fact that Greg Roberts utilizes them at sound programs, and also partially due to the fact that they’re a terrific worth. As well as the outcome that I leave this? Synergized delight. The information is exceptional, the timbral personality is engaging, and also the dive element is disconcerting. However if I needed to sum everything up, well, they’re simply enjoyable to pay attention to! Which is practically the whole video game, isn’t it?

Volti Rival, Type 1

Fit, Complete, and also Choices

Because the Volti Sound Competing were initial launched a couple of years earlier, there have actually been some choices that you can currently obtain. One, you can outboard crossovers. These can can be found in a user-accessible “box” completed in the exact same veneer that the audio speakers feature, therefore make an extremely nice-looking bundle. Speak with Greg regarding veneer choices– he has great deals of pointers.

Prices begins at $8,900/ set in the criterion “Type 1” arrangement (what I have below). That variation has inner crossovers, and also optional grill covers that break onto the front. The base surface is “baltic birch”– the stunning veneers set you back a little additional.

Kind 1 Choices

  • Front veneer– $750
  • Complete veneer– $3,500
  • Birch edgebanding– $200
  • Spot on Birch– $850
  • Grills– $500
  • Clear Lexan covers– $150
  • Triode Cable Labs inner electrical wiring– $500
  • Specific multiple-use dog crates– $300
  • Towel covers– $300

The Kind 2 arrangement, which is more recent, includes outboard crossovers and also a revamped front panel with optional grill covers that can establish right into the fascia, rather than being established on the fascia. The costs raise a little bit, beginning currently at $9,600, however are still instead near that reduced entry-level cost.

Outboard crossover for the Rival Type 2

Outboard crossover for the Competing Kind 2

Kind 2 Choices

  • Complete veneer– $3,500
  • Clear Lexan covers– $150
  • Triode Cable Labs inner electrical wiring– $500
  • Specific multiple-use dog crates– $300
  • Towel covers– $300
  • All Triode Cable Labs electrical wiring in crossovers: $200

2020 Scandal Sheet

Presented at the 2020 Florida Sound Program, the Volti Sound Competitors obtained a “Special Edition” remodeling. The cost for the attractive brand-new Competing SE is $19,600/ set, includes a brand new bent “boat tail” closet layout (and also matching layout for the outboard crossovers), and also an “all the toppings” choices bundle, that includes:

  • Costs veneers like Bubinga and also Rosewood
  • Exterior Crossovers with complete veneer and also ‘Volti’ clear Lexan covers
  • Towel covers for delivery or storage space
  • Triode Cable Labs inner electrical wiring
  • Woven towel grills
  • Specific multiple-use dog crates

I intend to claim that the distinction in between the Volti Sound Competing Kind 1 and also the Competing SE are tiny, however I do not believe that’s fairly precise. While both do obtain articulated (basically) similarly, the item has actually advanced a fair bit over the last 4 years and also the brand-new SE is simply an extra polished bundle– both in appearances and also in noise. You can look into our newest reasoning on the SE advancement, below.

Were it me and also I had the cash to obtain either, I would certainly be selecting the SE no doubt in any way. However I am rarely quiting my Kind 1 in figured bosse cedar. My “old” audio speakers are still smokin’ and also still jumpin’, and also my child is simply gon na need to wait till she has her very own location prior to she can swipe ’em.

Volti Audio Rival Special Edition

Volti Sound Competing SE, with boat-tail closet form

Volit Audio Rival SE

Volti Sound Competing: Information

  • 15″ high-power and also high-sensitivity woofer– bass-reflex arrangement, front-ported
  • Wood midrange horn with a well-known Tractrix flare, 2″ throat, developed and also developed by Volti Sound
  • Excellent quality 2″ electrical outlet midrange compression chauffeur with a 3-1/2″ phenolic diaphragm
  • Elliptical exerciser tweeter horn with a well-known Tractrix flare
  • Excellent quality 1″ compression tweeter chauffeur
  • Customized made crossovers, top quality elements, hand-wired, flexible, last articulating done while contrasting straight to a Vittora audio speaker
  • Bi-wire or Bi-amp at the input terminals

Competing Requirements

  • Level Of Sensitivity: 100 db
  • Suggested amplifier power: 3wpc (minutes.), 100 wpc continual (max.)
  • Transmission Capacity: 32 Hz– 20 kHz
  • Resistance: 6ohm
  • Dimensions/Weight:
  • Kind I, 41 -1/ 2″ high, 19″ broad, 16″ deep, 125 pounds
  • Kind II, 41 -1/ 2 ″ high, 19 ″ broad, 16 -3/ 4 ″ deep, 135 pounds


There is something wonderful regarding horn audio speakers. They might be tinted, they might expose all the upstream sound in your system, they might occupy a great deal of room– however there actually is absolutely nothing fairly like the noise you go out them. Possibly it’s simply what you obtain with a really vibrant playback, however I think that horns can obtain me closer to the initial efficiency for much less cash than the majority of various other audio speaker layout methods. As well as they’re enjoyable.

The Volti Sound Competing is a horn audio speaker in the most effective feeling of that style. They are extremely, extensively, and also unabashedly enjoyable to pay attention to– a lot so, that Stereophile has had them in their desired Course A speaker group for the last 4 years. Directly, I such as to believe that this is a superb corroboration because we have actually recommended the item because the initial models were initial revealed at the 2016 Resources Audiofest. As well as indeed, the Competing has actually gotten on Part-Time Audiophile’s “Editor’s Choice” honor listing because they strike manufacturing and also in our Occasional Customer’s Overview because we began releasing it. You might claim that we’re followers.

I like the concept that I can make use of whatever amp I desire and also obtain noise that can turn from breathtakingly silent to thunderously loud quick sufficient to generate arrhythmia. I like the reality that these audio speakers are so simple to location– being front-ported, I have a great deal of adaptability in just how close I can obtain them to my sidewalls, and also with some toe-in, I can obtain a soundstage that is as comprehensive and also as distinctive as I have actually ever before listened to below in your home.

Most Importantly, with the Competitors in position, I intend to pay attention to songs. Which actually is nitty-gritty, isn’t it? Also if it might create unforeseen spells of semi-conscious uncertain physical outbursts, err, dance.

Stunning to check out, enjoyable to pay attention to, and also contested as treasures– that’s Volti Sound.

To find out more, look into Volti Sound online at http://voltiaudio.com.

Prototype Rival at CAF 2016

Greg Roberts displaying the model of the Volti Sound Competing, in the “standard” Baltic birch surface. The production-version of the horns are black.

Down the face of the Rival

Volti Sound Competing Kind 1, down the face

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