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Where I Work: Yossy, the intern working from her bedroom during coronavirus

a comfortable table in front of the house

Digital trainee Yossi works in his room during the coronavirus pandemic (Photo: Yossi)

More of us work from home because the coronavirus isolates and blocks more of us.

To inspire new WFH entrants to their new way of working, we take a look at people’s home workplaces in our new Where I work mini series – from laptop racks on sofas to unusual marble rooms with bar tables.

So far we’ve looked at an actor’s desk, seen a writer working on a barge and met a barefoot athlete who doesn’t have a chair at home.

Today we speak with Yossi, a 21-year-old digital PR trainee, blogger and photographer who currently works in her bedroom at her parents’ home, where she lives with her mother, father and older sister.

...an intern who works at home, at his desk in the bedroom...

She lives with her parents and her sister (Photo: Yossi).

Hello, Yossi. Where do you work at the moment?

Normally I work in the office, but if the coronavirus gets worse, we all have to work from home.

My office in the bedroom is where I prefer to work and I use my laptop for everything. I sent all my files to the laptop so I could leave.

Google Drive and Notebook, as well as Rocket and Zoom for communicating with colleagues.

Yossi's office at home, where I work.

Cacti and a big cup are very important (Photo: Yossi).

Tell us about that day at work.

My day starts with checking my colleagues to see if I’ve missed any important news and if they’ve mentioned our customers.

We then rewrite press releases and investigative requests from #journalists that may be relevant to our client.

In between there are video calls to get information and see where everything is, the lunch and the news checks every five minutes.

Details of Yossi’s room, which she calls a sanctuary (Photo: Yossi).

What are your personal homework rules?

I have to work from my desk because I feel like I’m always at the office.

I only try to look at my phone when I change the number I play on Spotify – sometimes I even put my phone in flight mode to help.

My speakers also help because we always let Alexa play the radio in the office, but now we’ve adopted the Spotify dubbed playlist so we all feel a little connected.

My plants, shiny leaves and candles make me feel relaxed.

curved wall

The wall at Yossi’s table (Photo: Yossi)

Do you like working from home?

The advantage of working from home is that you have more lies and you wear pajamas to my office!

I feel like I work better when I’m surrounded by other people doing the work, so it’s going to be a bit difficult, but our conversation was very useful because everyone is trying to cheer each other up.

Plants and candles on Yossi's shelves.

Plants and candles help Yossi relax (Photo: Yossi)

What advice can you give to other people who work from home?

More info: London

Having a room where you really like to be helps a lot!

Find the playlist and put it in shuffle mode, I can’t tell you how much the music helped to improve this experience.

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