Aurum Labs Enabling National Brands Achieve Inevitable Success in Online Education Business

Aurum Labs Enabling National Brands Achieve Inevitable Success in Online Education Business

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April 18: Deli-NCR-based startup Aurum Labs empowers national brands and growing educational institutions with quality products that are quintessential for running a successful online learning business. Aurum Labs aims to build experiences that give learners a sense of trust and confidence, and help institutions to create a growth trajectory for their online education business.

In today’s date, an online education business is not just about building an online content library. If this would have been the case then why would anyone prefer Amazon over eBay when it comes to online shopping. In the same way, why would anyone not opt for thousands of free videos on YouTube? But, the rise of new-generation service companies like the Aurum Labs are changing the dynamics pretty much.

Aurum Labs is a rising Indian company that offers products such as mobile apps, desktop apps, offline delivery for videos, pen drive software for videos, enterprise grade secured video streaming (DRM), a customized platform for eLearning, and much more.

The core values of Aurum Labs is to offer Cost Effective, Scalable, Secured, Customised and Dynamic eLearning Platform to the Next Gen of online trainers and learners.

To make a learner feel in the right place and with the right trainers from the first point of interaction is the core key to success for most 21st century eLearning businesses. Aurum Labs aims to build apps with customisations that offer experiences and feel good factor to users rather than content libraries.

With over 6000 daily active users from over 30 countries, the quality of eLearning products is bringing a huge positive impact indeed. Some of their clients include national brands such as CA Ashish Kalra’s IGP Institute for CA Coaching, La       nguage Pantheon for German Language, Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute, and Kiran Prakashan amongst other reputable clients.

“Educative videos are created in studios, but the impact they have on the minds and souls of people is what makes all the difference in a successful and average online coaching” shared Bhupender Sharma, the Co-founder of Aurum Labs.

Abhinav Singla, who is also the founder of Aurum Labs, said,” Many startups have created an impression in the mind of trainers that delivering content is all that is needed for online business. I would say this is the very myth that is damaging a lot of individual teachers and institutions.”

What makes Aurum Labs different from other tech-savvy companies out there is their capability to deliver excellent branding, encrypted videos and PDF with DRM, customized and dynamic apps, scalability, and pocket friendly eLearning solutions to institutions.

Both the founders, Bhupender and Abhinav have over ten years of experience and vast knowledge in tech and education sector. They strongly believe that trainers should emphasize on what they should be offering to learners. Rather than staying limited to what trainers can offer with the low standard products available in the market out there. Their company, Aurum Labs, is surely the go-to platform for buying quality eLearning products.

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