Bapatla-Based IT Company “MALtech Solutions” Speeds Up Path of Urbanisation In Andhra Pradesh

Bapatla-Based IT Company “MALtech Solutions” Speeds Up Path of Urbanisation In Andhra Pradesh

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May 18: Bapatla a new district of Andhra Pradesh-based, early-stage startup IT service company, MALtech Solutions Private Limited speeds up the urbanization process in the state. The bootstrapped company provides a range of tech services such as software development, web development, app development, and email infrastructure for marketing. The company also launched LocalShoppi, a food and grocery delivery platform in the state recently.

Urbanization is still not prevalent in some states of India yet. There are still many misconceptions and stereotypes that resist the growth of key technological aspects in a few backward regions, districts or states in India. But few rooted people and ideas emerging from these very regions are becoming change-makers helping them urbanize. One such early-stage startup company that deserves all the recognition in the present day is Bapatla-district-based MALtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is started by Mr. Madhu Kiran Kallu.

Mr. Madhu is an IT professional who has spent most of his time in working with new technologies being a complete workaholic. He worked for more than 8 years after completing MTech from JNTU Hyderabad, he joined in an IT organization (Startup) and spent lot of hours in managing and developing SAAS applications.

After Years of gaining knowledge he left the organization with a view to start his own venture “MALtech Solutions” which is an IT service company. The main objective of this IT service company is to offer its clients excellent services so that they can fully concentrate on building the finest quality products by exemplifying processes. In order to help their clients feel inspired and implement the right solution. The vision of the company is to become the most preferred technology partner over the years. By offering universal access to innovation and development.

The company recently launched a new service, a Swiggy/Zomato/Dunzo – like platform called LocalShoppi in 2021 “One stop solution for all your local Needs. It is an online food and grocery delivery service serving in those regions of Andhra Pradesh where Swiggy and Zomato find it hard to operate their food delivery services. This idea was brought into existence by Mr. Madhu when he tried initially to get franchise from Swiggy, Zomato and many other platforms but none showed to be interested.

LocalShoppi has tremendously transformed Bapatla’s unorganized and huge landscape. They have done so, by giving significant attention to the art of development and innovation. From allowing its users to order staples such as vegetables and fruits to considerably more items like food, eggs, meat, dairy products, and electronics, they deliver everything to the doorstep with just a tap of a button. Without having its customers worry about the quantity or quality of the products they order.

The state-centric food and beverage service platform, Local Shoppi makes the one-stop destination for all kinds of basic needs. Locals will find the best deals on products and get speedy delivery within 60 minutes, be it in the case of groceries, food items, or more. They can order from a wide range of categories and get doorstep delivery. Businesses or entrepreneurs looking for beneficial and new franchise opportunities can apply for a LocalShoppi franchise in the Andhra Pradesh region. With franchise being expanded to other major rural areas like chirala, localshoppi has integrated new services which enables all in one Home Repair service and one click Taxi service.

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