Dr Ruupa Rao wins the Women Who Lead National Award 2021

Dr Ruupa Rao wins the Women Who Lead National Award 2021

February 8: Entrepreneurship for women is fraught with difficulties. In many parts of India, women are still subordinated to the precepts of society because of their gender identity. Despite this, Dr. Ruupa Rao has become stronger and more determined than ever. Dr. Ruupa Rao won the Women Who Lead National Award 2021 for her exemplary work in mental health  Co-Presented by Trell Experiences and the Govt of India & Signed by Prof Rohini Godbole – Padma Shri (2019) and Indian Physicist, Dr.Punita Arora – Surgeon Vice Admiral. Punita Arora PVSM, SM, VSM is a former Indian Navy officer.

Dr Ruupa Rao is a notable pioneer in the fields of education, training, and administration. Her venture, The NGen soft Solutions pvt ltd is a pioneer in the field of online learning and short-term courses. She is the founder of NOBLE Institute a premium and well-known organisation for Distance education and Skill development programs.

She believes that her ability to think and act in a variety of ways has given her an advantage in the field. Her hard work and inventiveness have been rewarded with several awards.

“Most trusted brand of 2019” in education, according to Summentor pro, is NIES. As a result of its pioneering approach to life skills and behavioural enhancements, NIES’ Anuhya Summer Camp a unique conceptual training for children and teens has been inducted into the World Book of Records, UK. ALMA, DISSC, CSI, and iNACOL all recognise Dr. Ruupa Rao as a distinguished member of their organisations by bestowing on her honorary membership. Dr. Ruupa Rao is the brain behind a number of residential training programmes for students around India, including “Hombelaku,” a rural effort for student empowerment with free food and shelter with skill development training for a number of students.

Dr Ruupa Rao has also organised Capacity Building Programs like ‘VIKASANA’ for holistic development. Ruupa has been on a number of television programmes as a panellist and resource person. Dr. Ruupa Rao is also an enthusiastic writer in the field of psychology.

Over 2400 people were exposed to a free mental health awareness movement through Dr Ruupa Rao’s mental health promoters course. During covid pandemic this was a boon to many people who have got affected mentally due to insecurities, fears etc. She involves in Free counseling for the needy.

She often appears as a panellist on several television networks for programmes involving counselling. Dr. Ruupa Rao is a certified master NLP practitioner, a life coach, and a qualified trainer via many national and international academies. She specialises in life coaching and counselling. Training for a wide range of people, including professionals, trainers, students, parents and counsellors has been her bread and butter for the last 20 years of her professional career.

The Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) of the Government of Karnataka has produced a film on Dr Ruupa Rao’s life (Nelada Siri: The Golden Land) (Nelada Siri: The gold of the Land). She is also providing free training to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Dr. Rao has played an important role in the socio-economic development of the country.