India’s favorite Cuppa Tea comes in new hues and flavors at Aman Sood’s ‘The Chai Theka’ – Primex News Network

India’s favorite Cuppa Tea comes in new hues and flavors at Aman Sood’s ‘The Chai Theka’ – Primex News Network

New Delhi [India], May 16: If you believe that ‘chai’ or tea is only milk, tea, and sugar, you are mistaken. Cuppa tea, India’s favourite, has taken on a new hue and flavour. Thanks to Aman Sood’s startup ‘The Chai Theka,’ enthusiasts may enjoy sizzling hot tea in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, illaichi, adrak, rose, and more.

Chai Tekha, the brainchild of Aman Sood of New Delhi, has conquered the taste buds of tea aficionados across the nation. From its humble beginnings in Delhi in November-2019, The Chai Theka has expanded to more than 30 locations across India in less than two years.

The Chai Theka narrative

Aman Sood, an employee at a private company, was dissatisfied with his job due to the long hours and low salary. He (Sood) chose to leave the organisation and sought employment with a tea company. Sood inquired as to how much the company’s tea cost and determined that he, too, could produce high-quality tea and sell it to customers at a cheap price if he had a suitable setup consisting of cups, a dress code for his employees, and high-quality tea. However, his coworkers and friends viewed his company plan as a joke. However, Sood chose to proceed with his business concept with the help of his family. To create funds for the new firm, his wife volunteered to sell her gold jewellery.

On November 19, 2019, Sood opened his first ‘chai shop’ in New Delhi’s Shahdara neighborhood. He was doing well, but the coronavirus-infused lockdown ruined his destiny. During the lockdown, he attempted to relocate the shop outside his home but was unsuccessful. Sood opened a tiny shop in Delhi’s Durgapuri Chowk in the Shahdara neighborhood after borrowing money on interest. To his dismay, again another countrywide lockdown impacted heavily on his firm.

As the saying goes, “there is light at the end of the tunnel,” and Sood was overjoyed when the government relaxed the Covid-19 guidelines. This is when Sood decided to expand his horizons in the country by establishing ‘The Chai Theka’ and providing his consumers with the unique taste of tea in various flavors.

“It required a lot of trials and anguish to climb the success ladder at ‘The Chai Theka,’” said Aman Sood, The Chai Theka’s founder. “There is always a way out if there is a will.” During the country’s shutdown, I learned some terrible lessons. Today, I am a proud businessman with over 30 locations around the country.”

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