Subhash Charan : GK Teacher & founder of Trending Application Dhurina

Rajasthan, [India] : A man born in a small district of Rajasthan is changing the lives of individuals from all over the country. Yes, you have heard it right this person is none other than Subhash Charan who has extended his hands to help the students to learn general knowledge in several easy ways. The way he taught his students is very normal hence creative. He has made GK a fun subject to learn and crack many tough examinations.

Coming from a middle-class family background, where people kill their dreams to earn. He fulfilled his dream and is now helping the youths to make their dream come true. Subhash did his schooling from Pilania Academy and graduation from Chaudhary college in Rajasthan. Are you facing difficulty in learning general knowledge? Then must visit his youtube channel GK Subhash Charan, where you will find solutions to many issues you face. He has worked so hard in the field of teaching that he has achieved everything from his knowledge. His youtube channel is having more than one million subscribers and he has bagged a silver button too.

A new initiative has also been taken by him an institute has been inaugurated named ‘Subhash Gurukul’ in Taranagar, Rajasthan. Many people made the occasion special by their presence.  The main purpose of this institute is to prepare students for competitive examinations. Just on the first day of its inauguration, several students have shown their interest and willingness to be one of the students in the first batch. Talking about the number of batches Charan said that right now the first batch have been formed and soon he will introduce the second batch as well.

He teaches several students by both online and offline classes. He has contributed his talent and knowledge in many institutions of Rajasthan as well. Subhash is running his youtube channel for free to teach the talented young minds of India. Not only this, Charan has launched an e-learning application named Dhurina. Dhurina is made for those students who are willing to learn but cannot pay fees of commercial institution. These days the fees to teach a primary class student is so high that parents have nothing to save especially in middle-class families. But with the help of Dhurina, many students can be benefitted.

Dhurina is an e-learning application that goes about as a scaffold among teachers and instructors. Numerous online free counterfeit test applications with many ibps video addresses courses educated by splendid educators are available in the application. One can take courses in anything from IBPS, SSC, Railway RRB, Mock Tests and Exam Prep application, Railway RRB, contemplates, and so forth and the application builds up the help according to the interest of the everyday application clients.

And after launching this amazing application Subhash Charan got numerous proposals to sell his youtube channel, and even he was offered the cost of one crore however he discredited it since Subhash education is bigger than money. Dhurina and Subhash got trending together as soon as the app reached the masses.

He helped numerous students by helping them financially. Once there was a student from Madhya Pradesh who reached him for taking his courses on the web, yet couldn’t pay a lot. Subhash gave him the entirety of the necessary exercises and course for only 200 INR. The student is now in a very good position. He wrote a book to help his students as they were unable to learn while writing the notes.

He expanded his hands for improvement as well as the betterment of society and helping the poor. He helped numerous COVID-19 patients/fighters by giving 5 lakh rupees during the lockdown. He upheld more than 200 families and gave them ration for seven days. He disseminated more than one lakh masks and more than 1,000 sanitisers during Coronavirus pandemic.