The Big Book Box announces its subscription option for International Bestselling Books – Primex News Network

The Big Book Box announces its subscription option for International Bestselling Books – Primex News Network

New Delhi [India], April 9: An online book delivery platform, The Big Book Box has announced its subscription offer for the readers to get a hand on the latest books. The monthly box will be filled with handpicked international books curated with awesome bookish goodies, and one can even recycle the box. Getting access to it will leave book lovers with a plethora of options to read the best of International Fiction. Along with reading books, one can also get amazing goodies delivered to their doorstep every month.

This book-selling platform brings bestselling international releases to India at affordable costs while making reading more interesting with curated merchandise along with books. Their main aim is to create a vibrant reading culture in India by making reading more fun and trendy. They currently have three plans for every box, including one month, three months, and six-month subscription options, and subscribing to more extended plans can come with more benefits.

Talking about the platform, Surabhi S. Rai stated, “A few years back; I saw unavailability of good books at the bookstores in our country. Though we have many bookstores across the country, anticipated international books were unavailable online and offline. Thus looking at the need of the hour and making books accessible to readers, ‘The Big Book Box’ was incepted. At present, we have received a lot of positive feedback, and people are happy to get to read the international bestseller book. We want to reach more than 50000 Active subscriptions by 2024 and want more and more people on our retail platform. Our Vision is to build one of the biggest book companies in the world by 2030.”

The various boxes are named after different types of coffees – and so you can choose from a frappe, espresso, cappuccino, and mocha – based on how many books one want each month. Its monthly subscription service brings the best books released each month along with useful merchandise to make reading an experience. They have built a community of over 1 lakh people, and their retail platform, which was started in 2019, has begun shipping 1000-1500 orders per month despite the pandemic.

Getting handouts to their bespoke boxes is very easy all you need to do is choose the plan & the box, followed by receiving it at the doorstep and unbox the happiness. So, visit their website and grab the coffee essence box at home. It is an excellent option for all the bookworms to get access to and enjoy reading books in their comfort place.