Did you just say “Eat the sweetest mangoes for a social cause”? Yes, I am in.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 02: Mango season has arrived already, and just like every year, mango-lovers have found their true love once again. Mango finds a great place in Indian cuisine and Indian people can go to any extent to justify their love and craving for this tropical fruit which is quite exquisite and peculiarly sweet, in taste. In India alone, there are more than 1500 varieties of mangoes that are loved by a variety of people in a variety of regions across the Indian subcontinent. “Sihi Maavu” is one of the tastiest varieties of mango loved by the people of Karnataka, India and now the best thing about Maavu is that it has found its association to a social initiative.

About the initiative and how it works?

“Maavu” is a social initiative that is the brainchild of Sanket Reddy, a Bangalore-based businessman and wildlife photographer who has been part of such initiatives from time to time. The idea of “Maavu” seems quite fascinating looking at its simplicity yet its capabilities of bringing happiness and joy to the life of its beneficiaries. The idea of “Maavu” is simple, every time you buy mangoes from “Maavu”, they will send an equivalent amount or more to children who otherwise don’t have access to mangoes. Sihi Maavu just got sweeter right?

It is amazing how such initiatives have the power to restore faith in humanity among underprivileged people.

How to become part of this initiative?

To spread this joy, all you need to do is satisfy your mango craving with Maavu’s produce. And people at Maavu will send an equivalent amount or more to children who otherwise don’t have access to mangoes. After all, mangoes are meant to delight not just the child in us but also the precious ones around.

Let us talk to the man who initiated “Maavu”.

We talked to Sanket Reddy, the man who started “Maavu” and he said, “It has been a year since we introduced people to Sihi Maavu. Many of them have been enjoying mangoes from our farms year on year and it has been a pleasure for us to have been able to share with them. This year we are excited to introduce a new initiative we have set in motion, which we dearly call ‘Maavu’ about which I already talked to you in detail.”

Maavu for everyone

Mr. Reddy shared with us, “Maavu aims at making these mangoes from our farms accessible to all. By all, we don’t just mean the ones who can afford it but also the children who can’t. Through Maavu we intend to make more than half our produce reaches the hands and hearts of young children who otherwise may not have the means to enjoy this joy of summer. We at Maavu strongly believe that every child no matters their background gets to share this love for mangoes and should look forward to the king of fruits like us all without having to worry about being able to afford it. For this reason, we have joined hands with numerous NGOs who focus their efforts on underprivileged children from various backgrounds. Our partners include organisations working with orphanages, development of children in slums, children from government schools, children of convicts, children with special needs, and many more such efforts.”

Let us know why you should be part of this cause?

“Maavu” is a great initiative with which I think everyone should associate them. If you could contribute your part for which you will get to eat one of the tastiest varieties of mangoes on the planet for even once, you should definitely do that. The mangoes from “Maavu” taste a lot sweeter when shared. Please share the word on “Maavu” through all your platforms and help fuel this cause. This is a small effort that holds great significance.

People at “Maavu” are providing a great assurance of quality if that is your concern. Their harvest is currently being handpicked and naturally ripened. With hygiene as a top priority, every bag is packed with utmost care and with all necessary precautions. Join the initiative today in spreading a Maavu Smile by pre-booking your bag of heavenly Mangoes today and bring a positive change in the lives of more than 2500 children.

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